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Comment Reputation and Trust (Score 1) 454

Reputation and Trust take years to build up, and it can all be destroyed in minutes by the wrong decisions. Back in the day, SF used to be the go-to place, but not anymore. I avoid it like the plague, like many, many others.

Good luck trying to build it again, but remember what I posted about reputation and trust...

Comment Dell Inspiron 1545 10+ years (Score 1) 332

My other half still has her Dell laptop I bought her over 10 years ago to do her phd with, and she still uses it (In fact, she's using it right now) In terms of replacements it's had:
A new operating system...the vista preinstall lasted an hour or so before she asked me to replace with Kubuntu, which it's had ever since)

A new hard drive (daughterling pushed it off the end of a coffee table)
New hinges
New charger
Two new fans (I cleaned up the cpu and gpu and applied arctic silver before reseating the fan and heatsink)
3rd keyboard (said daughterling pulled off a number of the keys, 2nd got coffee spilled over it)
New powerboard
The screen will need to be replaced since there's a bunch of dead pixels in the middle of the screen, and the mouse buttons could do with being replaced since one of them is soft and doesn't click anymore

Other than that, it's running well.

Comment Re:Laser's The Way To Go (Score 1) 223

Indeed. We got a laser quite some years ago and never looked back. It's off for several months, we switch it on to print a chapter from a journal, and it prints like it was used yesterday. We still have the old inkjet because it has the flatbed scanner that we use.

Inkjets are expensive, high maintenance machines, and life is too short.

Comment Re:World Wide? (Score 2) 207

VPN's won't help either. If you have to pay via a credit card, they know which country you're from and they they can deny the service based on this. You'd have to get a credit card in the issuing country, with a corresponding address in that country

They have this same implementation for restricting the sale of mp3's; you can't for example buy mp3's from amazon.co.uk if you live in Canada and have a Canadian credit card.

Comment Re:Office 97 (Score 1) 130

I find it horrible too, basically because the interface is so fucking ugly, with three pale, bland colour schemes to choose from (blinding white, light grey and a slightly darker light grey). PLUS THE MENU ITEMS SHOUT AT YOU

If they made it nicer to look at and not so flat looking, I might be tempted to use it

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