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Comment Re:Why Ubuntu?! (Score 0) 208

according to what the story said here, it wasnt a typical RJ45 where you look at it and perceive it to be ethernet at first glance. that's where my comment originated. Having worked in Network Engineering for a little over a decade, I know how to terminate cat5 and cat6 T568A and B so I mean if it looked like an RJ45, sure its easy but the way the story reads, it didnt sound like it was.

Comment Re:Why Ubuntu?! (Score 0) 208

I want to know how he matched up the pins and the baud rate. Screw that up on something like a car you're probably in for expensive repair and a real bad time at the car dealer---(example) yeah, i thought this thing was free internet so i connected something i designed on my own bench for it and plugged it in, now the car wont start.... I cant wait to see the data on how he did the whole thing.

Comment I'm still fuzzy on the whole... (Score 0) 229

... Why we support Al Qaeda in Syria. I am dreadfully bereft in reliable information. Can't trust the media. I don't have a conspiracy theory in my head but I strongly suspect what we were told lacks validity regarding 9-11, Syria, and the other recent military operations. Somewhere, it has to make sense that our government, not the left, not the right but the whole lot of them, wants to support these guys in Syria.

Comment Re:Obama (Score 0) 356

as i've gotten older, ive gone from liberal, to conservative, to progressive and finally converting to "aware". they play this game where they pretend to work towards the interest of a subset of americans then they all do the same thing anyway. vote to make themselves and their friends richer. the dems, the reps, all of them.

Comment Re:Copyright is not about protecting an idea (Score 0) 356

Intellectual Property laws crack me up anyway. I mean does every single person who makes a green-light-bulb pay a royalty to the descendants of Edison? I strongly doubt it. It's one of those things that was introduced with the intentions of protecting creators on the surface but at the end of the day it just keeps the "important" people in "important positions".

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