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Comment Re:Uh, no (Score 3, Insightful) 406

The problem is that Forbes doesn't know who the advertisers are.

Yes, but technically it's their problem. They should take responsibility and push for advertisers to behave morally.
The whole system is rotten to the core.
People can't trust sites because sites can't trust their ad distributors because the ad distributors can't trust the advertisers. And noone in the chain after the user takes any responsibility for making a safe advertising system. And then they whine when people use ad blockers as their last line of defence.
I mean, it's beyond ridiculous.

Comment Re:With 8K you need to have your face in the scree (Score 1) 121

Interesting test!
What display did you use?
Also, a display may mess with the picture with sharpening algo's and whatnot. 4k can be made to look sharper from a distance even when you don't actually see the actual pixels (by adding a relatively lower res sharpening filter). Did your test exclude such thigs explicitly?

Movement is definitely a factor in seeing sharp, as is contrast.

Comment Re:quacks get front page (Score 1) 129

You mean Botzmanns Brain, of course. But i think that Boltzmann deviced it to show how proposterous the outcome is. Noone actually thinks it is the truth. If i did then that would mean you (and everyone else) are basically a figment of my own imagination.
Also, i think it is not directly linked to what we now call the holographic principle. That one was thought up by Gerard 't Hooft some decades ago.

Comment Agree??? (Score 0) 86

" But if you were one of the users who commented on the superiority of the Classic UX, we agree. "

It was because people had to actually tell you: FUCK BETA!
You didn't agree then and i don't think you agree now. You just understand better who your users are and what power they have. But saying you agree is an outright lie!
Why else would you force people to see your pukeworthy reinterpretation at random? Why else didn't you make the beta optional (well, everyone knows the awnser of course, you wouldn't have anyone using the shitty beta)?
For a year you thought your opinion was better than that of your users. And now you want us to think you agree with us?
I could only believe you actually changed your minds if the designers and managers of the beta were all fired and you showed proof of that event.

Comment Re:More importantly (Score 1) 157

"Don't think it matters? What kind of result do you think Mr. Churchill might have received if he had stated, "Them Nazis is bad, we gots to beat em.""

I think people would stand up and shout:"About bloody time, you fat bastard! And twist your bloody hand when you make the V sign!"

Comment Re:Ever bought a used car? (Score 1) 423

It's painfull to see this comment modded +5, insightfull no less...
Mr. Browne has nothing against second hand sales.
He just has an axe to grind with gamestop, who actively prohibit customers from obtaining new games.
See here:

The thing is, nobody seems to have digged deeper than TFA and that is a real shame.
It is why journalism sucks these days. Seriously.
And that is why we have internet rumors going global news.
There is nothing as stupid as taking news by face value these days..
People becoming parrots with no capacity to actually understand.



Comment Re:So.... (Score 1) 423

You need to read the RTFA article.
In the article referenced by this story is a link to the actual story as told by Richard Browne...

Let me quote a key section from Richard Brownes that will shine light on this issue (and crap all over TFA).

"I've been in this industry for 25 years, I've run development (internal and external) for seven different publishers. Used games were never, have never, been an issue to any of them. Today that actually still holds true; publishers don't hate used games, but they do hate the practices of GameStop and those that followed to force used games upon their customers - if you want to hear about nuclear options, GameStop fired theirs first. A colleague of mine brought to light how bad this has become just the other week. He went into his local GameStop and was point blank REFUSED the option of buying the game he went to get new. After pressuring the sales assistant for a few minutes he finally got his new game - but only after the assistant got his manager's approval to sell it to him. That's the state of retail today, and it's not healthy for the consumer at all. "

Now THAT is a different story.
Supposedly GameStop doesn't allow you to buy new games when they have second hand copies around.
Makes me wonder.

Comment Re:High Res graphics == Expensive (Score 1) 423

"Creating high quality 3d art is extraordinarily labour intensive, and the tech to improve the toolset for the artists is not advancing as fast as the ability to push more content to the screen."

Yeah, well, i'm sort of not completely agreeing.
It is still the case that a lot of hi-end productions do the production in much higher resolution than needed and scale that down at the end of the process.
If you look at the PS3, with it's dual-256MB memory, you can easily see that there can't be a lot of stuff on screen texture wise.
So in that case you will need to optimize the hell out of your artwork and use clever programming tricks to get the extra level of detail you see today.

Creating 3D art is peanuts today.
There are great tools that let you add lots of details from a macro perspective, there are fantastic modeling, texuring, shading and animation tools that intergrate into game design workflows etc.
The labour intesiveness has literarrily become a stroke of a brush.
Meanwhile we see complete CG movies with way more detail in them costing less to produce than some AAA games.
It just cannot be the artwork alone, not anymore.

Sure, if you want to invent your own engine then all tooling is up to you. Which means that artists will be hamered by your own lack of sophisticated tools.
But that doesn't mean that there is no good workflow available for creating assets.

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