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Comment really? (Score 1) 468

this article has been posted for a while now and still no comments? maybe the admins need to make some sort of sms-to-slashdot-comments-section bridge to lure in the next generation of visitors...

Comment Re:Just a reminder from Apple (Score 1) 275

#1 Sell ten times more than the $1000 tablet with a $300 profit margin. Thus earning $500 in profits for every ten Netbooks sold at $300 for every one $1000 Tablet sold with a $300 margin. Net sum of $200 more in profits.

maybe, maybe not. you also pulled those number out of the air and only apple know if the real-world figures would yield them more profit

#2 Raise the Apple marketshare of Mac OSX based devices.

is that really a goal? i'm not so sure. higher market share means less exclusivity and therefore lower profit margins. also the platform becomes more tempting for hackers to target

#3 Put a lid on the Hackintosh market as a $300 Mac based Netbook is cheap enough to buy that even the stingiest of Hackintosh users can't pass up the $300 Mac OSX Netbook.

let's wait and see how their current strategy of largely ignoring the hackingtosh market plays out. i have a feeling there aren't that many people building hackingtoshes - the people that do are (i think) a disproportionately vocal minority of computer geeks. and that's not even a bad thing - when geeks go out of their way to install apples OS on their own hardware, it sends out a subtle message to the market that 'the people in the know' choose osx because 'it's better'. sure it's all very unoffical, but it's marketing nontheless

#4 Apple really needs a Netbook to compete with the PC companies who have their own Netbook.

i really don't get this point. why? netbooks are barely profitable for most netbook manufacturers. why should any company rush to compete in a profitless market with lots of risk and huge potential for brand damage (by way of selling an inferior product)?

#5 It means more iTunes sales, as well as more iPhone and iPod sales to sync up with the Mac Netbook.

possibly, but apple doesn't really profit from itunes sales, and iphone/ipod sales are already so high that any netbook->iPod/iPhone halo effect would be almost negligible. instead, the iphone/ipod->macbook halo effect is much more profitable for apple and i think that's what they're focusing on.

having said all that, there is clearly plenty of space in apples product line for cheaper hardware, as long as they can deliver a good end user experience. perhaps a relatively cheap tablet will fill this gap nicely. perhaps not. time will tell. or not :P


Submission + - France Announces $2.2 Billion EV Charging Network (inhabitat.com)

MikeChino writes: As the United States government continues to drag its heels on passing climate change legislation, itâ(TM)s encouraging to see folks in Europe making moves in the right direction. Last week, the French government announced it would dedicate $2.2 billion to creating a network of battery-charging stations for electric vehicles. The plan will also require all parking lots to contain battery charging stations by 2015, paving the way for a massive shift towards cleaner transportation.

Comment Re:Depends on how you define "success" (Score 1) 770

I don't know why you sound so unimpressed. A lot of people would consider "more of the same" a good thing coming from Apple. Sure they have their flaws, but by and large they are very good at providing stuff their target market want. You shouldn't expect a world-changing announcement every year - that would detract from their announcements that actually DO change the world.

Comment Re:If the browser is the OS... (Score 2, Insightful) 294

because they are taking the time to do it right - that way you will get a well thought out 'OS' instead of a repeat of todays dominant OS. if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.

the internet flourished during the dark age of browsers and we've gone another half decade since then. what's another year between friends? at least we have a promise that it's on its way soon.

besides, with safari, firefox and opera (and even ie??? [ducks]) getting more and more standards compliant and faster JS with each iteration, Google doesn't need to rush. that's the beauty of standards compliance, it turns the browser in to a generic piece of software that is easily interchangeable. That's the future Google are chasing, and it's interesting that Chrome has gone a long way to push that agenda without even releasing a non-Windows version.

Comment Re:"H2 commands respect" ;-) maybe not.. (Score 1) 743

what ur saying isn't wrong, but i think it ignores the concept of being sensible.

for example, according to what you said the person who drove the hummer 5 miles to work supposedly used less petrol than the civic driver who drove 50 miles, but that doesn't change the fact that he burnt a stupidly large amount of fuel on such a short trip. that's wasteful. it would be understandable if they were making a journey that required such a vehicle, but 'going to work' is not really a good justification. there probably are some places where a hummer type vehicle is appropriate (army, etc), but most of the hummers that i have seen look quite bling and are so shiny that i doubt they have ever been offroad.

Comment Re:Wrong forum (Score 1) 1117

maybe they want to teach the kids the computer skills they will need in the future? with online warfare becoming an increased threat, it's probably good for them to encourage (covertly*) the next generation of American hackers.

i say it's a good use of taxpayers money.


* online warfare is only to be used as a plan-B (in case operation "hope&change" fails)

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