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Comment Gripes (Score 2, Informative) 665

Firefox broke all the useful URL bar shortcuts and replaced them with text replacers.

For example:
control-enter used to open the URL in a new tab, with control-shift-enter opening it in a new tab in the background, now it adds www. and .com to whatever is in the location bar. If someone wanted those they would type it, or the built in system would add those if what they typed was not a proper domain.
shift-enter used to automatically download an URL, whatever it was, a file, a webpage, whatever. now it adds www and .net.
alt enter used to do something useful too I just don't remember, now it opens a webpage in a new tab, albeit without being able to use the shift modifier to not automatically switch to the tab.

Worse, you used to be able to use these modifiers with bookmarks or on any link you clicked. Now you can't even middle click a bookmark and have it open in the background even while middle clicking links does. A lot of functionality that used to exist doesn't, and when it is there, It's totally inconsistent.

And if you go and report these issues it won't even let you do that.

Cookie management is a pain too, in seamonkey, if you want to change a sites cookie permissions, you go to a menu->sub menu->allow/deny cookies. In firefox you have to right click, open page info, select the privacy tab, click allow/deny cookies, then close the window, which is 3x as long, for a browser that's supposed to care about your privacy.

</end rant>

Comment Re:Tell me again how this improves my life... (Score 2) 233

Almost all processors today barely saturate ddr3-1600, and gain very little from ddr3-1866. (Source:,3181-10.html)

Secondly there are no ddr4 devices now, because as the article summary said, ddr4 won't be out till next year. It will be pin incompatible with ddr3 (to protect it from wrong voltages and different signal methods). Also, ddr3-1866 and higher ram is available (I just bought some), they come with air cooled heatsinks, just take a look at any decent computer store.

Finally a general point, ram already uses very little power compared to other system components. Each stick of ram uses about 1 watt, when compared to the processor which uses like 35 watts in a low end system, to 77 in a high end system (or 130 watts in a previous gen high end system), it's not a critical factor in power savings.

Comment Moore Method does this, at least in Mathematics... (Score 1) 212

The Moore Method is an effective way to make students think. The class meets regularly, the students each must have some proofs they've done at home which they must present to the class instead of the professor lecturing, they instead, along with other students critique the presenter on their proofs, pointing out flaws and holes. Further students must compete with each other to present enough proofs to pass the class, and each proof can only be done once.

Outside reading is discouraged, and the class is selected based on having the right experience in the subject (not too much, and not too little) to ensure fairness.

The result is a grueling, yet often very interesting class, as every problem that a student presents, you've probably already worked on and as such have intimate knowledge of the problem which leads to further understanding and new insights.

Comment Re:Has anyone actually made any worthwhile with th (Score 1) 187

Urban Terror is a great game, what makes it unique is, as parent suggested, the movement mechanics of the game. Once you learn how to jump and move, it feels natural, to jump off walls, to gain speed while jumping, it just works beautifully.

The weapons are well balanced, and fun. It has a very large and active community, and many sub communities, from jumpers to active Leagues in North America, Europe and South America. You can always find good servers to play on.

Plus the game is in development for a new version, so don't let the old looking graphics scare you away. It also runs on mac, linux and windows.

I originally found Urban Terror due to some post on /. a while back as well.

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