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Canada's Internet Among Best, Report Says 186

silentbrad writes "Canadians enjoy among the fastest, most widely available and least expensive broadband Internet in the developed world, says a report released Thursday. The report, based on the results of 52 million speed tests of broadband users across the G7 countries and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) membership, was produced by Montreal-based consulting firm Lemay Yates Associates Inc. on behalf of Rogers Communications Inc., the country's largest broadband service provider. It disputes the OECD's own report, published in July, that ranked Canada's high-speed Internet offerings significantly below those of other countries. The report comes days after the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission revealed a sharp jump in the number of complaints it has received regarding Internet traffic-management practices, or 'throttling' in recent months." And it's about to get a little better — reader ForgedArtificer points out that Rogers has promised to end all throttling over their network by the end of the year.

Comment Re:Heh (Score 1) 254

I don't think we have Spotify. I tried to preview it and got:

Spotify is available in the following countries:
        * Finland
        * France
        * Norway
        * Netherlands
        * Spain
        * Sweden
        * United Kingdom

Comment Re:Who gets the money (Score 1) 414

The CPCC gets it first. They split it up into licensing groups who each seem to have their own way of compensating people they represent. For example, SOCAN gets a chunk of the private copying royalties from CPCC. They figure out how to distribute to their members by conducting rolling samples of the radio, and receiving performance notices from venues. PDF link from CPCC with a four page summary.

Comment Re:What data? (Score 1) 334

"Ladies and Gentleman, my client did attempt to download the leaked version of U2's album, but instead received misleadingly named and tagged sounds of goats fornicating. He deleted it /so hard/ that he overwrote the sectors a thousand times each."

Attempted copyright infringement isn't a crime. ;)


Researchers Discover The Most Creative Time of Day 154

Creativity is least likely to strike in the afternoon, according to a survey that suggests office workers have little chance of solving problems after lunch. A poll of 1,426 people showed that a quarter of us stay up late when seeking inspiration. Taking a shower or just sitting in the bathroom proved to be a popular way of getting the creative juices flowing. The survey found that 10:04pm was the most creative time, while 4:33pm was the least. I'll think of something funny to write here later.
PC Games (Games)

Penny Arcade Game Dev Talks Episode Two 30

jayintune points out an interview with Joel DeYoung of HotHead Games, the studio that developed the Penny Arcade video game. He describes some of the new additions coming in the sequel, how old characters and zones will be handled, and plans for the game's release. Additional details are available from DeYoung's comments during PAX, and Joystiq has some screenshots. "Maxing out your stats at the end of Episode One means that your party can be as high as Level 15 if you import your save game and character. Your character's look and all of your items are available to you as well, and if you want to improve upon your looks, you can always browse through the new customization options at the start of the game. About the only thing that won't carry forward is your weapons — we've automatically upgraded Tycho's tommy gun to a shotgun, Gabe's fists now have brass knuckles and your character has traded in your rake for a hoe. We're sticking with the garden tool theme!"

Wal-Mart Ends DRM Support 231

An anonymous reader writes "So, you thought you did well to support the fledgling music industry by purchasing your tracks legally from the Wal-Mart store? Well, forget about moving these tracks to a new PC! Since they started selling DRM-free tracks last year, there's no money to be made in maintaining the DRM support systems, and in fact, support is being shut down. Make sure you circumvent the restrictions by burning the tracks to an old-fashioned CD before Wal-mart 'will no longer be able to assist with digital rights management issues for protected WMA files purchased from Walmart.com.' Support ends October 9th."

Internet Filtering Lobby Forms 140

mbone writes "Wired's David Kravets reports on a new lobbying effort to support the filtering of internet traffic called Arts & Labs. Coverage is available at PC World as well. The lobby's members include AT&T, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, NBC Universal, Viacom and the Songwriters Guild of America. Their web site says, 'network operators must have the flexibility to manage and expand their networks to defend against net pollution and illegal file-trafficking which threatens to congest and delay the network for all consumers.' Does it seem that this is an attempt to categorize P2P with spam and malware, or is it just me?"

Pig Nap 2

In addition to being a great nap partner, he's also delicious.

AT&T, Verizon To Require Opt-In For User Tracking 59

ehaggis writes "The Washington Post reports that AT&T and Verizon have pledged not to track customers' internet behavior unless given explicit, opt-in permission. The two companies made this commitment in a Congressional hearing. A Verizon vice president is quoted: 'Verizon believes that before a company captures certain Internet-usage data... it should obtain meaningful, affirmative consent from consumers.' The article also mentions a survey quoted by a congressman indicating that '72 percent of Americans worry their online activities are being tracked by companies.'"

Comment Re:Security vs Liberty. (Score 1) 886

Ever get ID'd while writing a personal cheque to the grocery store? Or maybe the gentleman behind the till didn't like the signature on your credit card receipt? I didn't _have_ to show ID, but decided to humour the cashier. You look less like a counterfeiter if you show ID. Oh yeah. I'm from Toronto.

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