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Comment Re: So in other words it's used and is useful (Score 1) 248

Because Apple's decision will ultimately greatly affect the diversity of headphones and their prices on the market. And now people have to buy two headphones...one for Apple's shit, and another for everything else. Not to mention all the additional e-waste from the forced upgrades (in addition to headphones, there are things like card readers, mics, etc...).

Comment I think there's double counting somewhere... (Score 1) 118

FB's employee count was 14495 on June 30, 2016 (on their website). This seems to say that FB has 15682 contributors. So either FB hired like 5k+ employees in the past 2 months (hey, they have sales, which I doubt contributes to software), or there is significant double/triple/quadruple counting (or maybe past employees, but I doubt their turnover is that huge). I doubt any of this is FB's fault (since I don't think FB cares about these numbers), but the original article is pretty bad at reporting (at best), or has a hidden agenda (at worst).

Comment Re: Users mostly part of the "used phone" market? (Score 1) 164

Snapdragon 800: 2.3GHz CPU and Adreno 330
Snapdragon 805: 2.7GHz CPU and Adreno 420
Snapdragon 808: A57 CPU and Adreno 418

These are quite different hardware architecture/designs. It's definitely not what you would call "marketing generations." And by no means is a krait CPU a "sibling" to a default A57 CPU, performance regression or not.

Comment Re: Users mostly part of the "used phone" market? (Score 1) 164

The 5 and 5X are very different, especially when it comes to things that matter. I don't even know how you can claim they're similar when they're literally two generations apart. It's practically enough time for Qualcomm to develop, launch, and stop supporting a whole product from end to end!

Comment Re: Do we nned it? (Score 1) 164

Exactly illustrates my point. Lots of people drive during the day, and it'd be an awful waste if that light is a 50kW bulb...

And in case you didn't know, the biggest possible battery hog isn't the screen or antennas - it's the CPU. It's just that most of the time it's idle; and when it's busy, it often overheats and slows down.

So to address your original point: Snooze is great for those shitty apps (read: *cough*Facebook*cough*) that wakes up your phone every 5 minutes to phone home...I meant, to "update itself to bring you the best experience."

Comment Re:Users mostly part of the "used phone" market? (Score 1) 164

Some reasons why Google won't update:
1) Is the phone fast enough so that it isn't just full of jank when you upgrade? Because I'm sure people will complain a LOT more about that than be forced to upgrade a pretty antiquated phone.
2) Do the hardware component manufacturers still support those devices? Put it this way: why would Qualcomm staff up a driver team to upgrade the drivers of components in old devices if those components are "good enough" and doesn't even sell much anymore?

There are a lot more reasons beyond "specs".

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 164

There are two types of updates which I think we're confounding: one is security updates, and another is OS upgrades. At least as of now, security updates are being forced through. So as long as you have a relatively recent version of Android and a phone with some sort of reputable brand, you get those regularly (just like your Windows/Ubuntu example).

On the other hand, version upgrades are mostly wild wild west-style of approach. And in this regard, it's a lot less different from Windows than you'd think (as for lowest-common-denominator-Linux in general, well, you don't see many good games on there, do you?). When Windows Vista launched, the minimum requirement was DX9. If you didn't have a DX9 card, you're SOL for the most part. But this is also the part where some PC hardware manufacturers have done very well (compared to phones) -- they provided continual driver updates. Can't say the same for phone hardware manufacturers (which is probably why the N5 wasn't updated).

Comment Re:Do we nned it? (Score 1) 164

Let me rephrase your concern: "what benefit will X be for use case Y when X is designed for use case Z?"

Well, yes, not a whole lot use when your use case is Y. But if your use case is Z, then it sure helps a lot. Your statement is also a lot like saying "why would I need an ignition switch on my car if every time I use my car it needs to be running anyway?" Well, yes, except you're not always driving, right? And for a lot (if not the majority) of people, their phones' screens are more often than not off between charges.

Comment Re:Bad idea even if it worked (Score 1) 373

Yes, because when Kim Jong-il died, North Korea was freed from the decades of repression and servitude. Oh wai....

And when the Arab Spring happened, obviously no corrupt leader died/were thrown from office and are still the same illustrious leaders today. Oh wai....

Trust me, if you failed to pass on your legacy of tyranny on to your offsprings, you failed as a tyrant. Natural death addresses some of the symptoms of evil, not evil itself.

Comment Re:want speed? dump javascript. (Score 2) 28

That's part of the point of the whole project -- get rid of certain JS/CSS hogs that constantly change and relayout the page while you're reading. And personally, I don't want to go back to the 90s crap static HTML using Lynx. I actually do like my interactive web pages (sans laggy third-party JS), thanks.

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