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Comment Re:sense of entitlement (Score 1) 531

I think it's pretty safe to assume that these companies have non-trivial amounts of IT infrastructure (that needs maintenance, migrations, upgrades, etc...). Any such system that doesn't require knowledge transfer must satisfy at least one of the below:

1) You have an oracle stashed somewhere.
2) You have volumes of documentation.
3) Retaining key people that actually do know the system.
4) You don't ever plan on upgrading/migrating and are content with the current system for perpetuity (I'll even throw in that it's trivial to re-image a computer when its predecessor breaks down).

We know 1 doesn't exist, or at least, no offshore company has one that they can assign to Carnival.

2 requires a team of engineers that pore over those volumes of documentation, make sense of it all, not fuck up any future plans with their 0 experience of the Carnival systems, all the while sticking around long enough such that said team can maintain the system, return a profit for the IT company for real services rendered, and learn enough to plan out/implement whatever upgrades/roadmap they decide to do.

Good luck with 3. I rarely see management being able to retain the right talent, even when it's not pressured by offshoring schedule and with relevant leads still in place. That and human nature to retain your friends.

So that leaves us with what? 2. Which means Carnival will never improve, and for sure I won't want to go on their cruise now. Or maybe you can come up with 5/6/7 etc..., which I'm all ears.

Comment Re: So in other words it's used and is useful (Score 1) 248

Because Apple's decision will ultimately greatly affect the diversity of headphones and their prices on the market. And now people have to buy two for Apple's shit, and another for everything else. Not to mention all the additional e-waste from the forced upgrades (in addition to headphones, there are things like card readers, mics, etc...).

Comment I think there's double counting somewhere... (Score 1) 118

FB's employee count was 14495 on June 30, 2016 (on their website). This seems to say that FB has 15682 contributors. So either FB hired like 5k+ employees in the past 2 months (hey, they have sales, which I doubt contributes to software), or there is significant double/triple/quadruple counting (or maybe past employees, but I doubt their turnover is that huge). I doubt any of this is FB's fault (since I don't think FB cares about these numbers), but the original article is pretty bad at reporting (at best), or has a hidden agenda (at worst).

Comment Re: Users mostly part of the "used phone" market? (Score 1) 164

Snapdragon 800: 2.3GHz CPU and Adreno 330
Snapdragon 805: 2.7GHz CPU and Adreno 420
Snapdragon 808: A57 CPU and Adreno 418

These are quite different hardware architecture/designs. It's definitely not what you would call "marketing generations." And by no means is a krait CPU a "sibling" to a default A57 CPU, performance regression or not.

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