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Comment Re:there's got to be a catch (Score 1) 138

>Most inventions are discovered simultaneously or nearly so, based on the natural progression of science and the technical arts. False. There is also a factor pertaining to the VOLUME of people involved. If the field in question has 7 people working in it, it is far less likely that any invention will be "discovered simultaneously" than if there are 1E6 people in the field. 1.00001^(population) as an example. > Every investor wants you to maximize opportunities at your disposal False. Wall street wants to capitalize on your balance sheet. Ideas/Intellectual property seldom enters the equation. Witness Nikolai Tesla. >More important to a company than inventions are their employees, who create those inventions False. As someone working at a startup in search of funding, patents help, but Angel/VC investing is about what the investors believe the risk vs. potential return is. A 1% return at huge risk will NEVER get funded. Yes, it is important for key employees to have a strong track record of delivering, but the big issue is risk/return.

Comment Idiot management (Score 1) 473

In no particular order - dealing with management not interested in product quality - dealing with management who is biased towards their local site over product quality (Tel Aviv is full of ass-hats in this regard) - dealing with management that interprets "Agile" as being 30-45 minute "standups" every day that are nothing more than "I worked on Bug X today" rehashes. - dealing with management wherein the people hired by a particular manager are automatically given more credibility than people who are forcibly transferred in. Yes, I refer to AMD from direct experience.

Comment Not all projects are amenable to Agile (Score 1) 597

Yup. A Troll-bait comment subject. But not every project is one where it can be afforded to "fix it" next month/next quarter. Device drivers. Compilers. Mainframe OS's. I heard a figure recently (from in-person discussion with a Mainframe SW person) that downtime costs them upwards of US$10,000 PER SECOND of downtime. Agile focuses on fast responses to customer bugs, not on ensuring that the number of bugs experienced by the customer is virtually zero. The point is that Mission Critical content has to have a correctness level which is an order of magnitude (or more) than a game or a less-than-wonderful UI. A bad case scenario: Oh, I'm sorry, Miss/Mr. medical patient of Therac25 ( - we'll fix that in two revisions by using our Agile process (its a tough bug to fix), and we're sorry that you will contract a horrible form of cancer in the meantime.

Comment Metro style UI is the root cause (Score 1) 737

The problem isn't Windows per-se. It is Metro. Metro is just not usable unless you have a touch screen. Enterprise PCs are not touch screen. Existing PCs are not touch screen. Making it horribly difficult to use a "traditional" (non-touch-screen) interface is a fatal flaw. And not just for Windows. Some of the newer linux distributions are equally unusable. I tried Fedora 17 for my web server. Truly worthless UI. Fine if you are running a tablet, but completely unsuited for a server. Went back to CentOS on my web server. And I've used RedHat/Centos on a regular basis since kernel 1.3.57.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 628

Phalse. Windows 3.x did NOT have "task scheduling" It was "pre-emptive multi-tasking". My college OS project was better at Multi-tasking (and context switching) than WinDoze 3.x. In that sense, Windows 3.x was actually "less" than an application on top of DOS - it constrained things to prevent actual multi-tasking.

Comment Re: Qt as "really nice" (Score 1) 333

Bzzzzt. Use of Qt presumes some sort of GUI. Not all applications need a GUI. Why would a loader need Qt? For the puzzled, a loader is /lib/* and is the key bit of code which manages where your application sits in Virtual Memory, along with the statically bound dynamic libraries. For general application developers, It is something well beyond your capacity to understand, so stick with your burger-flipping.

Comment It depends: how many shoot 50+frames/minute? (Score 1) 164

How many people _actually_ shoot more than 10 frames/minute on a regular/continuous basis? Really. Think about your personal usage. The likelyhood is that the answer is Z-Eee-Arrr-Oooh. ZERO. or close to it. Those who do are serious about their video, and are much more picky about things than simple capture rates.

Comment What about modern processors? (Score 2) 120

It is unfortunate that the Linux kernel still does not support a number of key features available in currently available hardware. Such as some features that Windows8 supports out-of-the box. Here's one example: AMD's LWP feature set. It requires XSAVE/XRSTOR, but has been rejected by the Linux kernel developers. No, I'm NOT an AMD employee. Yes I do own a couple of desktops based upon AMD cpus. Motivation: COST, COST, COST.

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