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HP Confirms Slate To Run WebOS 178

Kilrah_il writes "After HP bought Palm a few weeks ago, many rumors emerged regarding the new parent company's plans to further expand the scope of devices running WebOS. Now it appears that at least one of the rumors is true: The Slate will be running WebOS. 'Today an HP exec has confirmed that the company is developing a WebOS tablet which should be available by October.'"

Bing Gaining Market Share Faster 406

sopssa sends along a TechCrunch report on comScore qSearch numbers indicating that Bing is currently gaining market share faster than ever before. "In December, Microsoft's search engine gained another 0.4 percent to capture 10.7 percent of US search queries. That makes five straight months of steady share gains for Bing since it launched — Bing's share is up 2.7 percent in total since May, 2009. Google gained only 0.2 percent to end the month with 65.7 percent market share. What is even more interesting is if you look at year-over-year query growth rates for each search engine. Bing's growth is actually accelerating. Its growth rate in query volume was 49.4 percent in December."

Comment Re:How do you explain this (Score 1) 604

I really don't mean this as flamebait, but I see it as a very good example of evolution.

Honestly now. One needs to differensiate between the various forms of evolution. Micro-evolution, or variations within a species, is common and well documented. Please don't use this to prove macro-evolution, meaning the idea that one species can breed offspring of a different species - offspring capable of reproduction, mind you.

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