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Comment They won't say why, because... (Score 1) 268

Because they are bunch of liberal ninnies, invested in electing sHillary at all costs. Dissemination of these emails would hinder their efforts. Why is everyone so surprised that a bunch of Bay Area socialists are protecting their own kind by all means possible ? Why is this news ? Why are you expecting equality and balance from a walled garden, where the wardens have the last word ? why-why-why ?

Comment And we all believe this BS ? Yeah, right ... (Score 2) 65

I take Hypponen as a credible security expert but I thing he went to the deep end to keep his name in the news. First off, if this fortune 500 company is not one of the new inductees to the list from mainland China or some equivalent 3rd world country, I do not believe, they would risk anything like that. Right behind that reasoning, I can see the cryptolocker pirates wanting to make a name for themselves and announce that they are doing this on behalf of this or that corporation. It sure gives them some clout but at the end, it is just their BS. Nothing more. Unless Hypponen has a smoking gun and wants to come out and let the world know this is actually the case, I will keep my skeptic hat on.

Comment Re:NATO Member & EU Candidate (Score 1) 231

It is a disgrace that this country remains a NATO member and has candidature for the EU. Not that those two organisations are a shining light of moral rectitude but regardless....

Ha ha ha... Candidate for EU ? You're dreaming my friend. Turkiye, never had a chance to become a EU member and never will. They will dangle the membership carrot, when they need Tayyip to do something for them and pull it back when the need is over. NATO is a different story, but NATO needs military, which Tayyip has decimated with Ergenekon trials and this staged coup. Whatever is left in the military command is, or will soon be is his puppets, who has no idea about strategizing or actually commanding anyone other than a prayer chorus. So, until later time, Turkiye's membership in NATO, will not be a major concern for anyone.

Comment Re:What would Kissinger do? (Score 1) 231

Where do you get the idea from that the US gives a shit about Turkey being democratic? What matters is that the li'l mustache keeps his mouth shut, stays in the NATO and deploys his troops where we want them to, as long as he does that he can round up all judges and Kurds and whatever else he feels like.

Well said. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Comment Re: What would Kissinger do? (Score 1) 231

Democracy is not a sustainable regime. All administrations, regardless of the type of governing body, need money to operate. They collect money in the name of taxes from people but you can only squeeze the poor folk so far. Then you start going after the money of corporate entities. And regardless if you have the guns or not, they are not going to give it to you, no questions asked. If they give you, the government, money, they will look at it as an investment and will expect return on that investment. Otherwise, you will not get any more money. Here is where your democratic government, goes into the oligarchy mode. Does it sound similar ? Maybe here at home, in the US ? Which politician did you see in your lifetime and maybe in the lifetime of your parents, who did not cow-tow to the interest of big donor corporations, rather than the will of the people who supposedly elected them? Same thing is happening in Turkiye right now. There is a relatively big mass of educated people, who do not want to see their country go to hell in a handbasket. Mind you, Republic of Turkiye is younger than 100 years. There still are some people alive, who fought the liberation wars. The indoctrination of Ataturk, who was the biggest proponent of real democracy, not the theatre we see today, is still alive with this educated mass of people. In the name of globalization, nationalism is a big obstacle. Hence should be eradicated, according to the oligarchs. You can silence a minority of 1-2% of people, but when half or close to the half of a country becomes aware of what you are trying to do, it is hard to suppress that many people silently. What do you do then ? Orchestrate a coup against yourself, quash it, blame the thought leaders and anyone who might be in your way in the future for the failed coup. Then perform kangaroo courts to find them guilty and jail/kill them. At this point people will be afraid of speaking up their minds, with the fear of getting prosecuted. Meanwhile, the undereducated mass which brought Tayyip and his "Ak Parti" to the power, can be manipulated in some other way to weaken their support system of Islamic roots, probably divided into factions and pitted against one another. This is the fate of any country in the Middle East and vicinity. And it is spreading.

Comment Re:An important thing to note (Score 1) 609

You're statement makes no sense How is Bernie a hypocrite? He says you'll pay less because you'll pay $1000 more in taxes to give you universal healthcare. That means you'll no longer be spending 2 or 3 thousand a year on healthcare. That is quite a savings backed by actual research and numbers too.

So many people are so intellectually lazy when it comes to hearing Bernie out.

Yes he is a hypocrite. He shouted off the top of his lungs that he is against the wall street machine and at the end, in the name of politics, he gave his support to the biggest proponent of wall street, namely Clinton. Isn't it hypocrisy ?

Comment Re:Perhaps they should stop chasing pokemon (Score 0) 609

Go to southeast China and work there. Those goods do not manufacture themselves. Or better, be the designer of these goods. Oh hold on, let me guess. You actually do not want to work for your wages. You just want to show up once a week to get your paycheck and expect others to do the dirty work. Right ? Well, not gonna happen. If you want to get paid, you will follow the work/jobs and strap yourself for a bumpy ride. No smooth sailing thru life. No trophies for participation. Winner takes all. Reality bites hard. Ain't it ?

Comment Apple must be losing to Google Music (Score 2) 428

I think Apple music service is losing customer to google and one of their mouthpieces is poo-poo'ing the rival, hoping that people will change opinion and come back. Boiler plate marketing ploy when you are losing market share. He is no one to me and will continue to be no one. So, why bother reading what he says?

Comment How many more examples do we need ? (Score 2) 474

I am wondering when the revolt against these outsourcing companies will start ? I think the number of jobs are still a-plenty for the displaced workers that they do not mind finding themselves out the door. But how long can this last ? It is unsustainable. Maybe the H1B drones in India, can benefit from Reading Sacramento Bee or Miami Herald to keep their numbers up. Good job Talamantes, for placing yourself in the cross-hairs of H1B opponents, displacing Souther California Edison and Disney. They owe a big one to you, right about now.

Comment Total BS (Score 1, Troll) 417

I am wondering who will quit their 6-digit salary paying swanky job in the Silicon Valley, just because they do not agree with the law enforcement. Maybe 1 or 2 people with some screws loose upstairs, but no sane person would do such a thing. Quite the contrary if they were told they will either help the law enforcement or get fired, I am pretty sure those people would come to the help of FBI in droves. Who do they think they are fooling ? Techies ? Naah, most of them are too smart not to work for Apple empire. Are they trying to fool Apple-Fan-Boys ? No need. If your work address is "1 Infinite loop" you already are a demi-god. So no need to resort to such ploys. And general public doesn't really care if Apple employees quit for holding high standards or not, as long as there is a new "Jesus-phone" every 12 months or less.

Comment Ding-Dong, the witch is dead. (Score 1) 581

Not that I believe for a second that, republicans will make her *The Candidate*, but again lately, it is hard to know what passes as a candidate. Look at the clown with fake hair and fake tan and god only knows what else is fake, is the forerunner in the bunch. The other, even though being highly educated, still being a bigot, saying he doesn't trust a Muslim to be the president, god only knows who will be the conservative candidate at the election time. I was hoping for Rand Paul, but, unfortunately, common sense is not so common. He was one of the first ones to throw in the towel. God help USA, under the circumstances.

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