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Comment Re:"Steven Salzberg, your blog sucks?" (Score 1) 628

Because that's not really what's happening. The new polytechnic university and this move at UF have nothing to do with each other. The timing was just a coincidence.

Furthermore, the new polytechnic university wasn't really needed and the state can't afford it. It was the brainchild of a moronic state senator who wanted to make a legacy for himself on his way out the door due to term limits (he also has a road to nowhere project in the budget) by converting a satellite branch of USF in Lakeland (not Tampa) with a couple thousand students into a full fledged university. Furthermore, by ramming it through the state budget instead of going through the plan laid out by the State University Board of Governors, it will take several years for this new university to get accredited, so they will have trouble actually attracting students.
Meanwhile, they've cut the budgets to the other 11 state universities by a combined $200 million this year, with FSU, UF and USF taking the biggest hits.

Comment Re:Oh dear (Score 1) 281

My wife's company paid for her MBA (well, actually reimbursed tuition and books) on the condition she stay with the company for a certain amount of time after she graduated from the program. I can't remember how long it was, but at least one year. If she left before the time was up, she had to repay everything. Of course, she had to take the classes and do the related classwork on her own time, but at least we didn't have kids yet.

Comment Re:This crew (Score 1) 108

Not really. Many astronauts get assigned that sort of managerial duty between flight assignments. You gotta keep them busy when they aren't training for a flight. Three of them are recent/current residents of the ISS.

As for science, it's not a science flight. In fact, the last science flight was STS-107. It's a final delivery flight to the station. So the crew composition makes sense for the tasks.

Comment Re:Flawed interpretation of the study (Score 1) 685

Despite the doom and gloom, the adoption rate is on par with that of DVD when it was at the same point in its release cycle. It might even be a percentage point higher.

Not including PS3 numbers is misleading. I know more people who use a PS3 as a primary Blu-ray player and own movies on Blu-ray Disc than who own a standalone Blu-ray player.

And the firesale of HD-DVD hardware and software at mega-clearance prices probably had some impact. Doesn't really mean much in the real world as the percentage isn't going to increase since players aren't being manufactured and discs aren't being produced.

Comment Re:I work in he rental industry (Score 1) 685


I've never rented a Blu-ray from national blue-shirt movie rental chain because they charge too much. So many times I've been tempted and then I look at the rental price and just put it back on the shelf.

Heck, I won't even rent new release DVDs because of the price. I wait until they go to 5-night rentals.

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