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Comment For me: GPS is the killer feature (Score 1) 210

I don't know about NYC cabs specifically, but everywhere I go, traditional cabs don't use GPS. So instead of sitting back and relaxing, I have to play navigator to the guy driving the cab. This is interesting in locations I've never been. I give the address, and the drivers asks me which highway to take. How am I suppose to know? I end up using my phone's GPS just so the driver can go where I need.

Now you can run into problems with Uber when they are relying on GPS to get places somewhere like Boston, and the major roads are underground and the buildings can interfere with signal. You'd think someone driving Uber would at least know where the major sports arenas are located, but I guess not. Anyways, an experienced cab drivers, with GPS, who I could hail from my phone, would be my goto service, regardless of all but extreme pricing differences. Boston cabs wouldn't even take credit cards till Uber (and some even still use carbon paper to do so) so they still have a long ways to go to catch up.

Comment Re:Massive Economic Benefits = Going to Happen Fas (Score 1) 142

Other industries will try to push back against them such as municipalities who earn income through traffic enforcement, and insurance companies who make big money on point surcharges.

Self driving cars will likely change our relationship with our cars as much as media on demand has with our TV. When we drive somewhere in the city, the car drops as off, looks for parking on it own, and can just keep driving around if nothing is found. Heck, if are going for the day, why pay $35 when it can drive to a further cheaper lot, or even just drive back home. Instead of walking to where we park the car, we will be able to call our car to us. If we need to take something over to a friend, we can have our car bring it without us going for the ride.

What if they made our cars better designed to sleep in? Go to bed in city, wake up in another. Planes suddenly only become attractive if you need to go outside your watch your evening TV and then sleep all night radius.

Comment Re: Switching (Score 2) 147

> 2) Compatibility with .docx sucks. Compatibility with Excel is _terrible_.

True, although I have the same problem with Excel. Micrsoft broke excel document compatibility, and all of a sudden, all of my users could no longer open the excel generated by our local servers. I had to switch everyone to LibreOffice so people could do continue to do their jobs.

Comment reputation = ruined (Score 1) 266

When are customers ever happy about having their shopping experience "enhanced" especially by adware? I would suggest wiping those computers clean and putting a third party OS install on them as Lenovo has pretty much shown how it views it's customers.

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