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Comment Re:To much selling me shit. (Score 0) 295

actually, the GP is correct - itunes purchases are integrated throughout the program.
in album view, click an album to pull down the page to show the album tracks. in the top corner of the pull down box there's a "in the store" button that allows you to buy related tracks. By every song there's a new ">" icon which is the left-click of 2012. click it, and there's an option "show in itunes store".
there's definitely a lot of integration but imho it's not obtrusive so I dont think it's trying to "sell shit".

Comment Re:fire the board. (Score -1, Offtopic) 622

why? because slashdot constantly silences dissenting voices by modding them down into oblivion. if you don't like what somebody says, then just mark them troll until all their posts have -1! that way nobody needs to see them. I'm sorry, but I refuse to bow to the gods of google, android, bitcoin, assange, and anonymous. i'm not going to let others silence me, nor am I going to soften my tone to appease the moderators.

If I have to keep iterating accounts to keep my voice, then so be it!

Comment fire the board. (Score -1, Flamebait) 622

Remember when Carli Fiorina was in charge at HP? She seemed to have a good vision, but was pushed out in boardroom drama. Then the whole board spying thing, then mark hurd and the lady friend.

I would fire the whole board and start fresh there. Get some good leadership at the top! start in WebOS. Even if it's not perfect, HP needs two sticks to rub together.

Comment Re:This story comes up every now and then.. (Score 0) 398

No, the range is the problem. I can ride farther on my bike than this car could drive. Also, if you ban everything but ZEVs (absurd), then people will prefer e-bikes, evs, etc.

also, I wouldn't count the CAVs as zero emissions, becasue the air compressors will be very dirty if they run on diesel, and they will be located in the city at refill points.

Comment Re:This story comes up every now and then.. (Score 0) 398

the problem is the technology doesn't work, and the people selling it are shysters. a related problem is there is not one single drivable prototype.

Here's the problem:
* compressed air is a horrible energy carrier, with energy density less than lead acid batteries. the entire storage tank holds less than a gallon of gasoline's worth.
* they lie about the range, but in realistic driving scenarios it's less than 50km.

who wants a car like that, especially for $10k? why not just get a real car?

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