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Comment Moles at Microsoft and apple (Score 1, Insightful) 100

Fact is, domestic and foreign govt agencies have moles working at Microsoft and apple to insert back doors or defeat encryption at the source. This is how stuff like flame happens. The only way out of this is to use an open source operating system where you can do your own code review, and where one guy doesn't have a bottle neck of control. Same goes for ios vs android.

Comment Re:LTE? How about Android and IPhone (Score 5, Insightful) 299

The problem is BYOD - bring your own device. people would rather use their own gear than RIM. Actually, the real problem is that consumer electronics have been growing leaps and bounds, and business electronics have been stuck in the past. It used to be that businesses could afford the real stuff, while consumers got the cheeps. Now, my computer at home is faster and more pleasing to use than my POS at work. RIM fell into the "POS at work" category. People's eyes were opened by the iPhone, and they began to have a higher standard.

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