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Comment Re:Mac mini or apple Tv (Score -1) 355

That's the thing... Reding his question, I don't think he understands the issue! Lost in so much technobabble that he misses the key simple concepts. *robot voice* I HAVE A ZQ8R. MUST INTERFACE WITH R2S8. Because he has such limited understanding, he should get a Mac where all the important things are tken care of, and anything that it doesn't do wasn't thAt important anyway.

Comment Re:iPad vs. all Android tablets (Score -1) 584

As an aside when I bought 3000 cell phones for a company I excluded the iPhone instantly in that I didn't want to buy AT&T's data problems. They didn't even get to bid.

that's why the people in your company hate you. did you ever consider getting a product based on their needs and wants? or only based on you nerdy /. biases? goog roXors! iPhone suxors!

Comment Re:EULAs (Score -1) 384

you can't return your PS3 if you've had it for 5 years before they changed the rules. and even if it were new, try explaining eula to the return guy at best buy. also, while PSN is not required for PS3, it is a feature of PS3, and if you can't use it you are foregoing some functionality of your PS3.

Comment Re:goog: pls try harder! (Score -1, Troll) 124

I'm glad that you're very efficient with your time, and don't bother reading anything but flame bait headlines. good for u! the thing was, "Apple" wasn't logging locations, the phones were logging locations. OMFG STFU! just like a phone logs calls in and out, all text messages, and other stuff. The point is, this data stays on the phone for Apple's case. For Goog, it all goes back to the mother brain.

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