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Comment Re:Right, it isn't addictive (Score 1) 920

There are many functional pot heads.That even have conceal and carry permits and others that run entire IT departments. I know of an entire police force that were all potheads that treated people with respect. I know of some that own businesses. Just because you hate it and they don't tell you because they don't feel like listening to some self righteous person ignorantly insult them doesn't mean they don't exist.

Comment Re:Maybe Plum Consulting should become an ISP? (Score 2) 173

So lying to your customers is the only feasible way of doing business? Then the business has no business being in business. And who are you or anyone to dictate what people need at home? If you say you are selling something to someone, you better deliver, because even if you are not breaking the law explicitly, you are breaking a general moral law that most people in the world agree with that I have met. Over selling is straight up lying to your customer. Its not the only feasible way to do business. Our ISP did not do that. And is still in business.

Comment Re:Maybe Plum Consulting should become an ISP? (Score 2) 173

I used to work tech support for an ISP. Its called over selling and they all do it. They make people fight for bandwidth and just make excuses that its peak hours instead of buying more bandwidth. Our company though refused to over sell. You could buy a line from our company and one from the company we got our lines from and I promise you. Your line would be down a lot, take forever to get fixed and not get max speed. You would buy the same line from my company and hit everything you paid for and get a tech support that would bend over backwards to help you with any problems you had even if it wasn't "our problem". When our peaks came close to hitting max bandwidth we bought more. Not so with all the major ISPs.. So this article is nothing new.

Comment Science kills religion... umm no... (Score 1) 180

or so the Radical Religious Right( aka R3) would have you believe.

Of course they want to force out funding for extraterrestrial life sicences and searched. This would shatter their belief nuch like the concept that the Earth revolved around the sun.

                Umm if your hope in finding some green man that is not there gets you to spend the money to explore God's Universe.. then ok...

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