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Comment Waldorf School (Score 1) 700

Initially I was against it but my wife pushed for it. I gave in. I'm so happy I did. The school experience is so different than public school it's difficult to convey. I can say that I have met many high school students and can say that they are the most well-rounded young humans I have ever met. Look into one in your area. It has been my experence that they would welcome your visit to sit in on some classes.

Comment Re:Primary school might be too late (Score 2) 138

Everyone is missing the point on how to educate a child. Do any of these techniques take into account what the children's brains are ready for at a particular age? You know, things like fine motor skill development, centerline crossing, emotional development, movement. Teaching reading too early can affect math and writing skills. The US is doing this all the wrong way. And don't even get me started on standardized testing.Teaching programming too early is such a bad thing to do to their brains. It's about the right education for what's right for any particular child at their own current state of development according to their own particular skills, needs and abilities; at that particular time in their life. We don't need programming machines; we need well-rounded humans.

Just my take on all this. And you should see the school my daughter attends, the Austin Waldorf School. Please visit if you are in the neighborhood.

Comment Re:I think (Score 2) 188

That's the best you kids can come up with these days? "Fuck Beta?" and the like? How about some constructive criticisms? I wonder how each of you would react if your own customers/clients/bosses criticized your work with some think along the lines of "Fuck that!" Or, "You're fired!" as opposed to something constructive that benefist both of you?

Comment Re:In my Experience (Score 1) 173

It has been MY experience that women coders do a much better job at documentation, readable syntax in their coding styles and much better factoring and re-factoring of software. In my opinion based on 30+ years of experience programming and dealing with programmers, is that only 25% of male programmers are competent and less than half of those are what I would call 'above average'. I've maybe met 10-12 awesome programmers in all that time. Must my $0.02 worth.

Comment Re:Anyone ever hear of a battery-backed cache? (Score 1) 204

Actually, you might be surprised at how large it would be. F=It/V. 10mS write time for a sector, 2S for a file. Voltage tolerances being about +/-5%. 3.3V operationg voltage. 5V source voltage. Say 80mA for operating current.

1.7V drop over 10mS should require about 470uF. To write a file (a 2-second file) would be something like: 80mA*2S/1.7V or about 94,000 uF.

I'm not trying to be a killjoy here, but trying to store data during bad-voltage and power-down situations is a nontrivial problem.

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