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Comment Re:You know I've been wondering about this.... (Score 3, Insightful) 204

There is hardly ever a shortage of skills at such a geographically large scale, rather there is a shortage of candidates willing to work at the offered rate. If there really was a true shortage, as will all supply and demand scenarios one would see a significant rise in pay rates across the sector, which as not happened.

Comment Re:You know I've been wondering about this.... (Score 0) 204

As one of these "at the top" (very good at what I do, already in the top 1% earners at a young age) I can agree. I live globally and go where the winds of trade take me. Different countries mean different tax systems, cultures, customs and mindsets but the concept of country loyalty is about as strong as company loyalty now days.

All I see is the USA giving up more and more of its competitive edge to make a buck today to spite tomorrow.

Comment Re:Fast + Carriers (Score 1) 280

no. 5, Really? The HTC Desire HD was definitely one of their high end devices which they said they would provide ICS on, 8 months later the quietly mention that they will go back on their announcement because the phone can't handle it... and what do you know, one month later an unofficial ICS rom comes out that works perfectly fine.

This is how you alienate your user base. My next phone will most definitely not be an HTC and I'm sure as hell making sure other who are looking for a new phone know what HTC did.

Comment China is Austria’s second largest trading pa (Score 4, Informative) 150

"China is Austria’s second largest trading partner".

Umm... I think you may have Austria and Australia confused. Austria is that tiny country in the middle of Europe known for the 'Sound of Music', the birth place of Hitler, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Josef Fritzl (serial incestual rapist), the alps ... but not so much for kangaroos.

Comment Its the people silly! (Score 2) 141

The problem I see with this as a manager of a reasonably sized team of what should be highly qualified people is that this only really works with the right people, the kind of self motivated, highly competent people who would work for Google and the like. If you try to apply this to your standard run of the mill software developer (as I can attest from experience), the cost/benefit ratio is very low and you end up with mostly goofing off rather than anything useful. From experience it is much more effective to try and empower the team, allow them to give input into what they think is important and enable them to work on the things that have clear or potential benefit, rather than writing a blank check, which with, if you don't have Google type people, tends to just get squandered.

Love to hear other opinions on this, as I do see the potential benefit, just don't see it happening with your average Joe developer.

Comment Re:Hours (Score 1) 997

"None of the employees have ownership/stock and all are salary. Salaries are at normal industry rates."

Pretty much implies that his boss only asked for an increase in overtime without mentioning any form of compensation. This is the point where it is his responsibility to ask for compensation for the as of yet free work being demanded.

There is no point in insulting the guy by questioning his ability to do the job, he is just inexperienced in handling this situation, and hence responsibly asks for advice.

Comment Google Go?! Really? (Score 1) 583

Google Go?! Really?

The one very strong point that java has is not the language itself but the absolutely massive support structure behind it that encompasses a collaborative library base unmatched by any other language as well as extensive development tools, server software and support software and IDE's too support not only the language but also the most productive and popular libraries.

Replacing the language is trivial at best but replicating the support base the language has and the knowledge associated with it is a completely different matter.

If Java is no longer the no choice ansewer to development, that would actually be a good thing as it would promote and encourage innovation with a language that at this point is definitely showing its age and heritage (not to say that its is a bad language but it certainly has grown some evolutionary quirks).

Comment Re:needs to try windoom or zdoom or other ports an (Score 2, Insightful) 362

Yup seriously dude, avoided Doom for all these years and then decides on FLASH Doom! WTF... I think this guy didn't play Doom for all these years because he is a bit mentally deficient. And then... XBox demo... ohhh man.

Then we wrights the review after the first level it seems... please stop... or at the very least stick with reviewing XBox games.

Comment Forums Post (Score 1) 833

For expressing your opinion:

US SC2 Thread: (337 posts atm)

US Forums Thread: (4517 posts atm)

EU Forums Thread: (858 posts atm)

Comment Avoid non-carrier providers! (Score 1, Interesting) 153

I would only consider Vodafone and T-Mobile as your options, these two have established cell networks, all the others borrow on these networks and as such tend to be at the bottom of the traffic prioritization.

From my experience O2 is absolutely awful for any 3G, they are building up their own network, but if your not in range of one of their cells you can forget it.

As for getting it, I'd wait till your here, you are mandated to provide your passport details to get any SIM card, so they probably can't service you overseas.

As for getting a 3G stick and SIM once your here, just rock on in with your passport and a bunch of cash and you can be setup that day... however as for data plans...

Germany is crazy expensive... so don't expect to do any downloading over it, but you should be able to browse the net and check email 'n stuff.

Comment Conflict of interests (Score 2, Insightful) 605

LOL! Giving developers admin access to production machines is like giving grenades to babies, its only a matter of time.

Ultimately it comes down to a conflict of interest between developers who's interest is to changes things (new features, new version, etc) and admins who's interest is not to change things (SLA's, guaranteed uptime, don't touch a working system).

If this conflict is not properly balanced (dev's with fingers in production, admins controlling the dev environment), you will have problems and usually ends up being a very costly mistake.

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