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Comment Re:And I think to myself... (Score 1) 153

I noticed a couple of things about windows: users inside the company compulsively send attachments to the point where people open them without thinking. Outlook adds external users to its address book, then hides domain name information when it displays that user. It can be hard to tell what is internal mail and what is not.

Sad, isnt it?
I wonder where this fetish for Outlook come from.
I call it OutOfLuck, because you really are.
It is one of the things that make stupid users more stupid...

Comment Re:Tin foil hats (Score 1) 160

Maybe he is just doing the only thing sane; start growing some potatoes or pot or brew wine or beer..
In short live of the land like we are supposed to do.
I really think humans are better off that way.
Now, I really wish Im the next to go back and listen to my agricultural genes.. ..I learned to hate all the bullshit in the computer world! ..the only thing sane..

ac because I dont care to explore the bullshit why konqueror wont work on slahdot - NoCtrl, ac or not.. it is not important!

Comment Re:The 10 OSes I have gladly left behind... (Score 1) 562

heh, very likely.

NT4 is the OS i hate most.
I started working as a system administrator when it was starting to get a foothold.

I can still feel the pain, like an old battlescar.

Why anyone would run critical corporate applications on that shit is still a mystery to me.

The bloody thing had a tendency suddenly to explode..

Comment Re:Yes... but... (Score 1) 496

a - The sudo prompt pops up automatically when a program attempts to do certain classes of things for which it does not have privileges.

No, this opens up for social attacks.
Please remember that regular computer users will doubleclick on anything (including landmines) and will in general have no clue on what elevated privileges means.

This differs from Linux, in which a program will simply fail with an "Insufficient permissions" error

And this IS the correct way to do it.


Submission + - Week-long Botnet attack on eBay Accounts

flatfilsoc writes: " eWEEK reports an ongoing Botnet Attack is using popular Web sites to obtain personal information from eBay accounts. 'The attack, which is trying to wrestle personal financial data out of eBay accounts by brute force, has been going on for at least a week said officials at Aladdin Knowledge Systems . They discovered the new botnet Sept. 3 but has had no luck contacting eBay about the attack.'"

Submission + - Salt water can be burned for energy

Fengpost writes: "John Kanzius, an Erie cancer researcher has found a way to burn salt water, a novel invention that is being touted by one chemist as the "most remarkable" water science discovery in a century. Click here,

John Kanzius happened upon the discovery accidentally when he tried to desalinate seawater with a radio-frequency generator he developed to treat cancer. He discovered that as long as the salt water was exposed to the radio frequencies, it would burn."

Is Vista a Trap? 559

logube writes "BBC has up an article about the trap of installing Vista in your existing desktop. Written by Tim Weber, a self-confessed 'sucker for technology,' this article is a good introduction to the pain and extra money required to get going with the newest version of Windows. See how you can spend an extra 130 british pounds, and still have no working webcam! Says Weber, 'It took me one day to get online. The detail is tedious and highly technical: reinstalling drivers and router firmware didn't work, but after many trial and error tweaks to Vista's TCP/IP settings, I had internet access. Once online, Creative's website told me that my sound card was a write-off. No Vista support would be forthcoming.'"

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