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Feed Feature: VMWare: New kid on the block (

VMWare has been providing virtualization software for Windows users for years. VMWare Fusion, which has been available as a free public beta since late December 2006, is the company's first Mac product.


Submission + - Student finds hole in ISP routers, gets booted

An anonymous reader writes: Student Sid Karunaratne found a serious vulnerability in the routers supplied by fast UK ISP BeThere, and published the details in a post on securiteam blog. Shortly after, BeThere stopped Sid's account, claiming that, because people had not been aware of the vulnerability before he had released the details, Sid had somehow caused the possible breach through 'illegal means'. Comments on the securiteam blog suggested that there could be as many as 14,000 affected customers, yet, after two months, BeThere has yet to take action on the vulnerability.

Submission + - The Math of Text Readability

An anonymous reader writes: Wired magazine has an article that explains The Law of Optical Volumes, a formula for spacing the letters on a printed page that results in maximum readability. Wired's new logo (did anyone notice?) obeys the law. Unfortunately, Web fonts don't allow custom kerning pairs, so you can't work the same magic online as in print. Could this be why some people still prefer newspapers and magazines to the Web?

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