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Comment Obamatard? Solution: He's the antichrist (Score 0) 374

The biblical description of the Antichrist is a prophet of peace that turns sour 3.71 years or so into his leadership or whatnaught. Whatever you want to believe in, I guess. Obamachrist! lol

Not my fault they won't let him into the presidential guest house. He had to rent a Hotel. That's absolutely retarded for the incumbent president (which McCain publicly supported) which has publicly condoned torture and implicated the implementation of Waterboarding in GITMO on his last press interview. That's not any crime. That's a warcrime. (--Paraphrased Source: MSNBC commentary shows) I'd rather have Nixon than Bush, at least Nixon was consistently angry-toned. Obama's PhotoOps now look like he's lost his zeal or they couldn't afford their Photoshop CS4 License. He seems wiped out already but he's not yet president. He's not enjoying the celebrity life that he made up. The office of the celebrity elect. I can't understand why Obama can't look back on 2000-2008 (btw Bush stole the election! and contributed to 9/11) to move the whole country, the whole moral standings of it's people, and the whole world forward. He's certainly lost his "charisma" that got him elected but at least he doesn't need a teleprompt he just uses notecards and a glass of water. Bush can barely read a teleprompt.
However, I really don't see where all the Hype is coming from. I think it's the republicans and conservative folk that are keeping the topic active by /replying on the forums.
His blackberry could be modded to support hardware level encryption or remote-deletion or a ghost layer as well as password protection and autolocking.
Or he could keep two separate devices. Bush had a cellphone but that was before Hybrid devices really kicked off. Blackberrys are meant for business people, so with a VPN and a passphrase (4-bit pin) only he knows to unlock the phone for personal calls (exempt from Phone company logging I would suppose, I don't think there's a subpeona issue here but under the wiretapping act/electronics surveillance act, all communications companies are required to keep extensive logs and recordings) and a PGP passphrase hash that changes every 10 minutes and is 1024 bits long and protected by a atomic-clock synced coder box that has a biometric lock on it. Wirelessly backed up and equipped with a small scale self-destruct device with the military encryption that changes every 10 seconds. Security plan, implemented! THIS MESSAGE WILL NOW *NO CARRIER*

Omgsh Obama Scene Investigation (ObamaSI) folks, except the show doesn't have any actual computer scientists on it. I.e., CSI sucks too many unrealistic scenarios and too many autopsies.

I.e., he needs to hire me!

Comment Above post contains Syntax Error (Score 1) 327

The proper links contain I think I may need to get the A5 Nerve Checked, the limbic system seems to be in a perpetual stroke but the medication is still present. I can't use love/lust/sex to calm down though since I can't maintain a relationship. House, MD is classic Aspergeric, but there's no differentiation in the APA's bible. I am my own fucking doctor, thankyou unless denied perjury.

Comment Re:"Correct" Remote Access Protocols (Score 1) 327

I'm 99.99% certain that you are being sacrastic, but I was technically DUI at the time at my computer box. That was mildly confusing to the 5 * numYearsActuallyExperiencedAtAgeFive;

Oh stupid HTML/XML, I hate well-forming you to exemplify you but I hate the escape operators just as much.

SQL servers are third party. They are Binary trees using n-degree. Think outside of the box may be good for the American mentality. Go dereference your sources @import Antigravity. How exactly do SQL servers intrepet a nullline character is beyond me but I think I would have to reach the exact character limit first.

Comment Re:Broken Speed Cameras / EZ-Pass Cameras (Score 1) 898

Exactly my point, my friend. The RFID tags work SOO well that they need cameras because they've had problems before. So they've used faster cameras. Most people plead guilty without prejury if they are shown on video tape.

Safety isn't politics, it's the law for the cost of human life. I will always error on the side of safety, although sometimes I feel worried (anticipating an accident) when someone is too close behind me when the people changing lanes in front aren't paying close enough attention to their mirrors. Fish eye lens work SOOO well for my blind spots in my VW Cabrio.

How do you treat a terrorist?

Comment Re:I want to see a death bounty for these people (Score 1) 327

Um. TraceRT routines? I have already found physical addresses for most of those people just by looking at standard IP geolocation and estimating. Most of them are from US IPs if it resolves to a IP directly. Stupid script kiddies. I'll stop by their house with a Wide-area jammer I made with a few spare parts and readily available frequencies (DSL reproduces LOTS of interference if carried over phone even though line-level should chop it off. It's not EMI shielded now days, it's sad. Need more Faraday cages and less reproduction of wireless frequencies like 60hz NJ powerline buzz) and see how the police on the scene deal with FCC derelugation if theres no person identifiable except the proof that they were doing something illegal to begin with.

Comment Article Title Misleading - Sheer Volume Vs Adapt (Score 1) 327

Sheer Volume Versus Adaptability
Sheer volume could target DNS servers themselves, this would only af

Please do not mention self-learning. That's merely musing. There's no self-intelligence here, it's timed with Christmas too catch IT departments offguard with unionized labor. It's just that humans control the fast botnets and make them slow by putting in delay timers. No one in the real IT world will be affected and no personal accounts will get stolen. I can crash MSN clients with some fast typing because MS is unstable, but the Windows XP is at it's prime.

Comment Re:Solution: Public Key Auth (Score 1) 327

Haha, finally someone figured out the point I'm trying to make. Mod parent This is a tree so who's the parent of a n-tree when there is no root except for the ROOT? Slow bots aren't "adapting and evolving" they don't meet the definition of AI. AI has to self-evolve, otherwise its dumb AI /simulated AI / human-controlled AI. No robot wars as long as the international/federal/local government(s) can pull the plug on a computer so it would seem. Good thing Nixon isn't president though, like in the IT security futurama episode that created a time paradox.

Comment Re:Solution: Public Key Auth (Score 1) 327

I'm saying to make it less obvious to slow bots. I always worried about fast bots, but slow bots need to match USERNAME and PASSWORD. It's just too slow.

The issue would be brute brute force still works on servers that require logins.

The issue is solved with proper remote access control unless a proper SQL injection is done. SQL injections require better SQL database managers. I've never seen this affect real IT because there is no remote access in the real world unless you gain access to the routers of the building which are passive devices. Fast bot nets can target. But you seem to be missing the point entirely. The point is this doesn't meet the definition of AI since it has human influence. It has the definition of dumb AI. Dumb AI will only listen to programmers. The Federal government and/or CIA can get in on tracert routines, however, but not simple harassment issues. Local authorities may be significantly advantaged by the idea of entrapment, however.

Comment "Correct" Remote Access Protocols (Score 3, Interesting) 327

I've looked at the TFA and the hard data and it seems like admins are the ones making the IT mistakes. With so many attempts for root and none of the other users personally identifiable, I can personally just set up a Bot to run tracert routines on failed attempts and report them for trying to access Root or Admin.

When it comes to multi-user sites however public key auth is standard, but your user ID and password have to match. What I don't understand is why everyone immediately resorts to AI development.

Clearly musing, he is. AI means "Self-adapting code". Self-adaption is too slow in real time and is only controlled by small control variables in games. Botnets have a heard. IT's the ADMIN's fault for being hearded, but they can have a techie d/c the power cord to save the rest of the world. Theres no real threat to secure folks because physical disconnection is trivial over a router (I just disable my IP assignment and I'm disconnected until I get another techie to do it physically) but more of a threat to people who can't control it. People controlled by the law, such as big-time Admins.

Sure, sure, the server won't crash when you're watching it, sure. But how boring will that be?

Here's the real issue: Remote Access

There has to be a way for the slow bots to get into root or admin or a remote access. I usually disable root or admin from working outside the internal loopback - - standard Class A IP Address. I could technically configure a Bot to run Tracert (traceROOT) routines on all of those people (yes, windows user here) and have them reported to the federal government. It can't mess up my personal account, nor can it mess up DNS servers with sheer volume. It's small-scale.

so, the solution is proper remote access protocols. I remember NEVER activating remote access but at the same time using public-key authorized third party demo services to make minor changes remotely, including shutting the system down. I used, free demo version, pathetically, but it's actually more secure as long as I have no idea how why I should do it myself. Once I used the shutdown signal it could not boot itself up unless someone would physically press the button. I have to call a physical person in the house to do that myself, so unless demons from hell can use an on/offswitch and my BIOS password without my permission, it ain't starting on it's own nor does it listen for a restart signal until I sign into windows for the first time (Windows XP here). My system has never been breached before, but it constantly deadlocks to save itself from burning the CPU out. It has a thermosensor and cutoff only in the power supply unit, however. Stupid laptops weren't designed for gaming even though thats how its advertised. How do I pull an all nighter at this rate? I'll just remove the sensor in my power supply and WHAM there goes my processor for not having heat sensors. Stupid dell power supply. Rocket fish will at least deadlock my system without damaging my hard disk.

Comment Re:Solution: Public Key Auth (Score 1) 327

Correct, but look at all the attempts for "Root". I mean I would certainly call tech support if I couldn't log in under my user, but you are "missing the point entirely". I've never had a remote access protocol I didn't have another way around by physically shutting down the system before I saw it go caput. I've disabled the user called root and admin from accessing externally. It only works with internal loopback... dDoS attacks could affect actual DNS servers with sheer brute force or Spam. Destroying the Internet is a much less dangerous prospect than AI development. Someone is behind the scenes, but the Original Article, TFA as some people say, mentions nothing about AI development except smug analogs to robot takeover.

Comment Re:Solution: Public Key Auth (Score 1) 327

That would stop small scale hackers but not people that want to use passwords instead of remembering hash files stored with text files on their flash drive... Think beyond desktop OS's now and think more toward people that leave their systems on. Is anyone really that stupid to leave there personal desktop on and run up their energy bill? Can a brute force attack work with sleeping computers? It's a slow brute force network because you're being attacked by sleeping computers (I've seen SQL servers go into Sleep Mode at places where I don't control IT, sadly) hence zombie invasion or more like sleep walking computers!

Comment Broken Speed Cameras / EZ-Pass Cameras (Score 1) 898

Most of the cameras here are intentionally broken and never fixed by the state. I'm really not sure why the EZ-pass has a speed limit on the other hand, I always felt like the person behind me was too close if I slowed down to 15mph when I can't make it to the High-speed EZ-pass lanes or they do not exist. Cars in front or real people from the cash lanes are an entirely different story, but I've never gotten a ticket in the mail but I'm pretty sure it doesn't get points on your record. My speeding ticket cost me $200 but $40 would seem like a level n misdemeanor. Sometimes it is easier just to pay the fine because it doesn't go on your driving record.

Comment Re:Fear (Score 1) 172

This threat has more strength as a "Sleeper cell" where as nuclear missiles may turn out to be duds due to nuclear decay and may/usually result in world Armageddon, where as bot nets can be used much more selectively. DNS Servers could be targeted. However defining arbitrary "spam" and "not spam" might be one step to "!helpful".

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