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Comment Re:It's cool (Score 1) 68

Right now it is, they are only at platform stage. It's not all that difficult to install gps capable path-finding code on that little thing. Once that is complete, all you really need is a swarm of those with c4 payload to deal with tanks, artilleries, personae... you name it. Just para in like 50 of those with pre-programmed coordinates, and things go "kaboom".

Comment Re:Hey wait a sec (Score 1) 511

Let's all start a PMC and oh call it "Bell Towers" :D Professional politicians have long since figured out how to mitigate the effects of voters. In fact, i would go a step further and say that nothing changes even if you banded together entire slashdot/reddit/arstechnica/digg user base. When it comes down to the basics, your votes really don't matter. Tell me, you honestly think people sitting in congress or on bench or in executive departments are actually the ones making real decisions? Hmmm... that's rather naive. All in all, everything can be reduced down to a numbers game. As long as you got stupid people to front your operation, you can push your agenda while switch between a number of people. And no, it's not some sinister and hidden "shadow governemnt" either, it's just the leadership of the democrat and republican parties.

Comment Re:lol java weenies (Score 1) 160

Hmmm, what are you talking about? Java is about as much of a scripting language as z80 assembly. When you run JVM, it essentially is an emulator, emulating imaginary hardware. Just like running a z80 processor emulator on your intel/amd/ppc/sparc cpu. Would you call z80 assembly a scripting language? When op talk about relations between JVM and Joe Schmo Code Monkey, what he really meant was "Programming in Java is very different from knowing your hardware and the hardware you are trying to emulate in order to figure out the most efficient way to complete tasks". Albeit Java was never designed to be efficient. The goal was to make a standard portable environment across many processors and operating systems. So performance tuning in one environment may very well be detrimental in another. As such mastery in performance tuning also varies from environment to environment. Someone who's awesome at tuning Java performance on solaris/sparc may totally suck at tuning Java performance on linux/intel. All in all, i think your assessment is oversimplifying and generally ignorant.

Comment Re:Oddly everyone can tell you how not to get a gi (Score 1) 473

I have more integrity than someone who literally proves my statement is true. You are like the kettle that cries the pot black. No, men are not powerless to not post their income, but apparently you are too stupid to understand basic economy with supply and demand. Come back after you read econ 101 texts and look up prisoner's dilemma on wikipedia. It seems you only argue based on obvious and personal observations on the surface without even understanding what's the driving force behind why things happen. Just because you, yourself don't post your measurements doesn't matter on the grand scheme of things. Get it in your head: you, as an individual, does not matter. It only starts to matter when a critical mass of people starting to do the same thing. Not posting income for men is in the same class as not posting a picture as a woman on dating sites. Statistics speaks so loudly that your angry reaction cannot cover it. Understand it, accept it, and breathe it.

Comment Re:Oddly everyone can tell you how not to get a gi (Score 1) 473

Now you are just taking what i wrote out of context and smear my integrity with it, not unlike what most politicians do. Spin it all you like, but If you actually read what i wrote, you'd find: No, women are not "bitches and whores"; women who choose mate based on current income are "bitches and whores". Maybe you should learn how to read before jumping into conclusions, or are you affiliated with FOX news? And why do you think men post income? Obviously there isn't a demand from average women, that would just be too logical. There must be a giant male only conspiracy going on to foster the "gold digger" class and screw everyone else. It's time to pull your head out of your ass and smell the battle field of the sexes.

Comment Re:Oddly everyone can tell you how not to get a gi (Score 1) 473

Quit trying to make it sound pretty, because it isn't. There are plenty of men who can support themselves on OKC. A whole lot of them make between 40k to 70k a year. Why are they still single? If you actually looked at the OKC research, you'd see how much of a jump stats show between men who make between 80 to 100k and those who make less than that. Yes, it is a blanket statement backed by research and statistics.

Comment Re:Oddly everyone can tell you how not to get a gi (Score 0) 473

Hahahaha, well said brother, well said. Too many bitches and whores around. A worthy girlfriend/wife is someone who brings the best out of you, make you want to be a better person. Not someone who just want to make a quick buck and don't want to do anything but shopping for clothes and shoes the rest of their lives while you slave away. Women now days totally forgot all about that.

Comment Re:Revisionist history anyone? (Score 1) 212

You, sir, are greatly underestimating the average computer user. Mind you, this is the same mistake Barr made when he went after anon. He thought his company was only going to get DDoS-ed. Well, he thought wrong. It actually takes quite a bit technical know-how and general savvy to survive /b/ and not being trolled into oblivion. My point is, don't make assumptions on the average user, especially those who are not being forced to use computers.

Comment Re:owned (Score 5, Informative) 212

Just put this in perspective here... Let's take track records,

This is what rule of law has accomplished.

This is what rule of law asked these scumbags do

And this is in the plans, not to mention DoJ recommended firms to BoA to do this.

At this point I am wondering where is Thomas Jefferson when we need him now, and you honestly are thinking about the wellbeing of some teenager's personal on-line life? They don't even come close in term of scope! If I have to be a sacrifice for Anon in order to stump out the rampant corruption then so be it! I am Spartacus!

Comment Re:Quitter (Score 1) 352

I quit ff7, then proceed to erase the game from my computer with DoD spec secure delete, then proceed to shred the entire game disk and box, then proceed to burn the remains, then proceed to stop buying square goods. Playing a game in essence is to enjoy things that are not possible in reality. If I wanted to see people die, I would work at an old folks' home. Just build good relationships with them and watch them die off one after another. Implementing tragedy in a game is fundamentally annoying and by all accounts trolling. It's basically saying "you can have what ever control you want, but fuck you and your choices, skills don't matter. We are going to do things our way and there ain't a thing you can do about it. (trollface)" It's fine to have tragedy in a movie, book, or any of the none-interactive media. But as interactive media goes, why would I pay my hard earned dollars to feed trolls?

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