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Submission + - Surrounding Yourself With a Healthy Workplace (

noahgift writes: "This is an article about dealing with a hostile workplace and finding a healthy one, from the eyes of a developer: ourself-with-healthy.html

Work and, programming in particular, is a creative endeavour, much like painting or composing music. "....Your inventing something". If your afraid and uncomfortable at work you won't be inventing much!"


Submission + - Should Google Groups develop a ratings system? (

noahgift writes: "In this article. I talk about why I think Google Groups should develop a rating system for each user. Basically any user should be able to rate another user as helpful or unhelpful. In turn this would then be the basis of a group rating system. What do the slashdot readers think? Is it time to start rating the bad and good behavior on mailing lists?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - The IT Stack-Solve Any Problem?

noahgift writes: "How many slashdot readers are considering an IT certification in the next year? Here is my synopsis on passing the LPI Level 1 Exam. Another interesting question is whether there is a "stack". Is there a certain stack of certifications that would guarantee that someone could solve 99% of all IT problems. Here is the stack I am preparing for:
CCNA, LPI Level 3, ACSA (Apple Systems Admin), MySQL, also throwing Django , Python and WX GUI Toolkit although there are no certifications for these last three."

Submission + - Apple intentionally lets Shake get pirated?

noahgift writes: "Why did Apple decide to take away licensing restrictions for Shake 4.1 (A compositing application heavily used in the entertainment industry)? Apple also did this a while ago with Final Cut Studio when it was trying to gain market share from Avid (the top player in professional editing software). Does Apple intentionally remove licensing restrictions to spread their product in the wild? Here is a post with screen captures of Shake 4.1 launching without a license"

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