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Comment Wow- I still have mine (Score 1) 143

I started way back when with the ZX81, joined with a TS1000. We moved up to the TRS80 models 2-4, then their PC-type Tandy 1000 series. But the TRS80-100 was great. That was something I could lug to school and show off with. I even (OK, this is hard to admit) built programs to help run role-playing games- things like time to distance at various warp speeds for real stars in our galaxy, tracking various character issues, etc.

I don't use it for much any more. I'm not that kind of hobbyist, I guess. I do have it ready for use when I want to send messages over the ham frequencies. It's part of my emergency kit. I'm proud to say that it isn't some novelty item for me, but still a useful tool. I still love this thing.

Comment An Override for the Override? (Score 1) 911

And in a few years, they will require an override for the break-override just in case the break-override fails and tries to force the car to stop.

Seriously... There are any number of options for stopping a car that has had an issue supposedly addressed by this expensive, new system. Turn the car off (turn the key- not all they way as that will lock the steering or press {probably hold} the big START button); put it in neutral; pull or step on the parking break, AKA the emergency break. Plowing through a school yard or farmers' market works, too, but is ill-advised; people just don't like all the death and destruction unless it's on TV.

Maybe we'll eliminate all deaths from auto accidents by including a mic in the car so that a bunch of airbags (inside and out- gotta protect the pedestrians and pets) deploy when someone screams, "F**CK," really loud. [I use the F-word simply because of the whole 'first you say it, then you do it' issue and I'd rather f**ck than s**t, especially if I'm about to die.]

Comment Re:as well they (Score 4, Insightful) 1271

Tin-foil comes in maroon? Can I get it in purple instead?

On a side note, I agree that it's the doctors' right to see what patients they want (as long as the decision is not based on certain criteria like race/color/religion/gender/etc). Stupidity is not a protected group.

Comment So I might have to turn myself in? (Score 1) 741

What if I already know how to do many of these things? I learned some interesting chemistry way back when, say 25-ish years ago. Does knowing this stuff, as a civilian, constitute a crime? Or do I need to write it down, by hand or digitally, first? Where do we draw the line?

If knowing this from knowledge gained back before it was illegal is a crime, how can I safely erase this information from my mind without damaging other stuff I know? What would be an 'acceptable' loss if other knowledge might be damaged by this removal?

Comment Re:Kinda Right (Score 1) 542

I really empathize with your situation. I really thought I would be medicated for the rest of my life. It just turned out that, even after a decade of playing with dosing and combos, it just didn't work for me. I came to terms with needing to be medicated to function, which was hard at first. In my particular case, things went a different direction and the only medication I'm now on is androgel.

As you are an example of, and I thought I was, some people really do benefit from and even require these medications. Of that, I have no doubt.

That's what makes the debate difficult. We like to make things black-and-white, when, in truth, it isn't so simple. These medications DO help people and are necessary. It's the combo of marketing and weak wills that makes the big money for the industry.

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