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Comment Business as usual... (Score 1) 236

The spooks do what they want because it's "important to security" and if they are called on it, they kill the messenger instead of cleaning up their act...

Seems both sides - not the messenger - but the spooks on either side have a similar character makeup and feed on each other to keep this game going.

The neverending story.....

Comment So, what's the problem here - staring at a screen? (Score 1) 118

Eyes focus on the same distance all the time and the muscles doing this are not properly exercised and challenged.

Being hunter/gatherers most of our genetic past life, looking far, close and noticing noises and movements around us was a necessity of survival.

And now? Focus distance to screen or cell: 2', next wall: 10-20', VR googles I don't know how this works, not much distance change there either I would guess.

I'd say, severe deterioration of human vision ability....

Comment Band aid (Score 1) 130

not eliminating the underlying reasons and - in case it would work on a larger scale, who is making money on this BS? - manifest the incapacity of current systems to eliminate systemic malfunction endangering ... - A LOT !!! (wherever your conditioned imagination allows you to to).

Comment This post again - ha? (Score 1) 301

One would think if rats can do that:

Mice might do this as well or stow away in boxes, containers etc. getting moved on a wider journey... Good luck to all the critters/birds on other continents to depend on mice for their main staple - birds of prey etc.

Do people have brains these days and not learned from zebra mussels? This one is devastating, wipes out a species including sub-species and/or closely related. There are cross-breeds between close relatives, right?

Maybe people thinking of playing with this need a booster chromosome somewhere?

Comment Re:More of that small, local govt freedom (Score 1) 200

To be fair, letting corporations run everything is technically "smaller government". Republicans might be stupid, but they are consistent.

It's not!

There is a huge difference between Corporations and local governments.
Who are both responsible to? Shareholders somewhere or people actually you know from local City Council meetings.
What is their underlying objective? Increase return of investment to shareholders or run a municipality most efficient serving the people living there.

You can see how municipalities are fought for their independence by state governments occupied by people dependent on campaign contributions when municipalities trying to become independent from Corporations in electrical, zoning (fracking) and now internet. There are actual cases where a state government sues municipalities in those instances.

Looking how this works can be clearly seen how senators vote against normal people so they can be bilked by Corporations in drug sales:

They are busy returning favors for funds received and their voters behaving just right lulled and sleeping soundly watching TV ....

You really need to open your eyes and use your grey matter for a change.

Donald Rumpelstiltskin has no clue and is probably only concerned about covering his dick's history, trying to make things "great" again.


Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 409

What is the unemployment threshold going to be?
When unemployment caused by automation, robotics, etc reaches 10%?

In the coming decades more and more people worldwide will become unemployable, and they will have nothing to do or any way to make a living?

How are governments and communities going to respond?

All OK, no problem it fixes itself.

Since - according to a common philosophy, anyone not doing well is doing something wrong and needs to be punished to learn how to do it right, that's just the way the natural selection of the fittest, staying on top and survives, works.

Probably some Elysium-Style arrangement.


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