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Comment Hack Hick Hick Hack (Score 2) 121

Does it pay????

It's the boys in a sand box, eh - I get you back for destroying my sand castle.

Only problem here is that this is not limited to just the sand box and the kids playing in it, maybe the parents to some degree but the billions of humans affected - and much fewer participating as string puppets making the games possible...

A similar game is tit for tat where totally unrelated individuals suffer.
The string pullers should be locked in a great cage so they can fight it out and hit their own heads bloody.
Maybe the good Donald will finally get this fixed?

Oh well.....

Comment Re:Companies shouldn't have political power (Score 2, Insightful) 416

At the very least, making any donation public.
And making attempts to hide donation source criminal.

You should at least know who is buying which representative and senator.
Since 2008ish we can't do that any longer as they are allowed to hide their donations legally.

Ha ha ha!

All this "it should..." thinking may be great but has no effect at this point until Donald the savior shows up and fixes it all (pun intended).

Reality is that the people benefitting from this money source - or honor/social stand are the one's making the laws - House and Senate.

Would they cut in their own fingers? Your guess.

Same goes for the revolving door Congress Industry, expect any change there?

Or look how they are fighting about Supreme Court nominations to tilt the laws there in their favor, whatever this might be.
How can this be that the highest court has a bias determined by political parties? Justicia wears a blind fold and sure is not going out to hunting parties with influential republican friends.

All this is happening under the illusory mantle of democracy - by the people for the people and, most importantly - Freedom!

Is there any alternative to Clinton or Donald? Having maybe a third or fourth political party in the system to get some alternatives?
Fat chance, tried before several times, cannot even get into TV discussions, why? Status quo benefits the delusionary folks making the rules or pulling the strings to leave the status quo intact so things keep running as smooth as they are for decades or centuries - for the people by the people....

Comment All fine and dandy (Score 1) 95

but from a regular human perspective it's hogwash!

Where is the majority of information concerning regular individuals kept?

Try to get an insurance, high chances are that you are asked for your SS-#, for what purpose?

In the US, there is one great feature: The whole population is indexed on one key - SS-# where there was one original purpose and its use has subsequently expanded to what it is now - the ultimate exploitation tool.

Try getting a company to disclose what data it has about you, something similar to a FOIA possibiliy available with US government. Seems you have no rights whatsoever and need to pay an attorney to get anything going in that directions.

Let's say you perceive something may be wrong and try to clear it up by asking for disclosure, what are your rights and what are the obligations of the other side? Looks like one needs to engage an attorney - pay those great hourly rates - and pray something will come out of it.

How about a basic consumer protection law putting the duty on the side storing those data?

Maybe it exists, dunno, sure feels quite outlandish something like that exists with all what is going on with this current political bribery scheme...

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 470

" it's the millions of people who are starving.

Yeah - and they coming out of thin air creating justification arguments for all kinds of BS.

Why are people unhappy and argue, are angry, fight and kill about ideas in their brains?

Are the current systems in place able to address those issues?

Comment Video (Score 1) 70

Unknown how it works, what is done to the mechanism, is it doing it by itself or is it hand-steered (looks like it) and what else is happening, how does the car light up and looking at the mirror images reflected on the car.....

Mechanism is not shown, in particular, how the car receptacle is located etc.

Way overblown and fake, as it looks.


Comment Major problem! (Score 1) 397

If you don't have one, they won't believe you and you are suspicious...?

So - where is the personal freedom the US-folks are so proud of?

I think this goes along religious freedom - do you have to tell anyone what "religion", you belong to or none if you are agnostic?

Do you have to tell anyone what political party or flavor you belong to, find good?

On the same level believe in what's happening in Soc. Media or the purpose of it being beneficial or not.
- what books you read, like, find good or despise..

Mind control....

All this (Trump talk and direction of primitive thought) can severely backfire into something like 3rd Reich, where people were classified by some criteria and then the whole accumulated hatred in people not belonging to this "class" was ignited by some needy demagogue and has been directed to those classes.

Still happening all over, just look....

Comment Whoever pulls strings at PayPal (Score 1) 126

- needs a shrink or detox, probably busloads of people all over the planet!

Ever heard of
"Hypercapitalism and Digitization,
the total exploitation of humans...."

Milking and classifying every human for profit.

Acxiom - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

PayPal's philosophy is big part of that religion..

Comment Re:employees (Score 1) 183

Anything else is the role of government.....

Which government - US, right?

Democratic system, by the people for the people.

House representatives, reelected every 2 years and financed by whom, and then obligated to whom?
As long as this is not a totally isolated self-sustained system, where there is no outside influence to power, it will be abused and bribed.
Look at gerrymandering, pulling strings, Citizens-United, $ 10 grand plate dinners and what else there is on secretive hush meetings.
Anyone having enough power to police all this stuff? Nope, serves very well as it happens, just not "for the people".....

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