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Comment Re:Typical regionalist Slashdot reader (Score 1) 331

The US has gigantic food markets just the same, what's your point? More than likely the gigantic food markets is majority sourced from the US somewhere. The fact that fast food places may serve drastically different things in other countries is simply a supply issue, it maybe cheaper to supply locally than from some huge farm, but I found this to be rare and in certain areas only. More than likely fast food joints will still be serving GMO heavy food from the US due to it being cheaper, considering the US exports the vast majority of the worlds food supply. You'd be surprised how much food is imported in the EU from the US. If it's chicken, highly likely it came from the US. Paying $3 per a pound of chicken versus paying $10 - $15 per a pound from the local market, huge difference there. All the anti-GMO talks stops there when some little French shop owner gasps at trying to sell chicken for $30 and trying to justify the price to the poor French people.

Most of the anti-GMO lobbying in the US is causing a huge price fluctuation of food around the world, which is why a lot of places are extremely expensive. It's not as pronounced in the US and many Americans don't notice (Since everything is literally local here), but on the export market, it's having a huge impact.

Comment Re:Not a large number of people (Score 1) 331

How so? I'm currently in France and I see more McDonald's here on every corner than where I live in the US. Add to that packed with tons of people. There's no shortage of McDonald's here. They like to talk about how they want to buy local and so against GMO, then they go to McDonald's because they don't have time to find something.

Comment Re:Google way ahead of all other companies (Score 1) 87

Uber thinks that throwing more money on the project will result in a fully autonomous vehicle. The fact is, Google had people interested in doing it and had an R&D program to do it, with the resources to do it. They had renown researchers they could take off from other projects to focus on this. They even made videos of their projects to try to encourage more smart people to join them. This is completely the inverse what Uber has.

Comment Re:Turn it off (Score 1) 238

From a regular Linux user, yes this is a problem. Trying to figure out why things don't work is quite a pain in the ass when you don't have the time to deal with it. That's one thing Microsoft certainly has everyone beat where every hardware you buy will most likely work with little to no tinkering. Unfortunately, this problem will continue on for quite a while. Displayport is another hassle especially when you want 4k and audio in Linux which I think is still very broken in Xorg.

Comment Re:All transition is hard (Score 1) 557

Ill-planned definitely. In my case, I hit everyone with the change and shift to a linux desktop all at once. As a long time linux user, I've already foreseen what problems there were going to be and I prepared for them. People expecting compatibility with Microsoft is just shooting themselves in the foot as all Microsoft has to do is change something to make everything incompatible and make everyone complain. Start using the new format and stop relying on Microsoft files immediately after a shift.

Comment Re:Well, I'm covered then (Score 1) 141

I had a new client that wasn't in my system and didn't have a method to pay me to have an order proceed. He decided that he could use paypal to pay me. I reluctantly agreed to help the guy out, boy was that a mistake. First, the transaction fees were absurd. Second, the guy had to pay me at increments because paypal has a limit and third the amount of time it took to get the money OUT of paypal was absolutely horrible. You have to wait a few weeks before you can even touch your money and then to transfer it out of paypal was another two weeks of BS that made my accountants life miserable. Paypal instantly treats you as a person with criminal intent for new accounts and only allows you to transfer $1000 at a time.

Would I use paypal again? Nope. 99% of my clients pay me with wire transfers or checks. Unless paypal can offer better services for people that move large amounts of money, they're completely useless to me and don't offer anything for me of any value.

Comment Re:My business went Linux, then back to Windows (Score 1) 557

The problem with people moving to a Linux desktop is that everyone expects things to work like Windows. Hardware wise, I haven't really found much issues with hardware and linux anymore.

However, expecting Microsoft Office docs to work 100% in OpenOffice or LibreOffice was your first mistake. Either you do a full move to libre or openoffice or you're just going to screw yourself over. That means actually stop using Microsoft Office files, including your employees, don't even look at them again, ever. That's what I had to do with my business and I haven't had any issues with it.

As for browser rendering differences, I have no idea, never had that issue.

Mainly, the only problem I have so far is the lack of professional software for linux, but for the moment vmware takes care of that.

Comment Re:They were mostly alone, continue to be alone (Score 1) 557

It also doesn't help that the majority of software that such municipalities need don't run on a linux desktop. For my case, vmware pretty much came into play for quite a bit of things from Siemens PLC software to Autocad and Solidworks (Because all the cad alternatives for linux is absolutely crap). There is a huge lack of professional software in linux, which really hurts its desktop adoption.

Comment Re:Gobal menus? (Score 1) 89

The sad part is, a lot of stuff has not even been brought over from KDE 4 yet. A lot of functionality was lost due to the move to KDE 5.x. KDE 4 worked better out of the box than KDE 5.x ever did. KIO is still broken with a lot of stuff and they're at version 5.9 now...

Comment Re:This seems strange (Score 0) 173

So what? It's required in both the US and EU. I have to do it for my products, why does LG get a pass? I'm seeing too many Chinese products that don't have the FCC marking or if going to Europe, just falsely provide information about their EMI testing in their declaration, especially for LED lights which are starting to interfere with a great deal of stuff lately. There's a reason these rules are setup in the first place and it's to avoid a situation just like in the article.

Comment Re:Owning vs Renting (Score 2) 353

I've switched my whole office to libreoffice. Also, a lot of businesses just run older versions of office. Why should they bother purchasing a new version of office that doesn't offer anything spectacular over the old version? Every business I go around too is running Office that is +5 years old, a lot still running Office 2003!

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