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Comment Re:USE THIS (Score 1) 144

Though, I did enjoy Sumatra on Windows, the problem for me and others is that all these PDF viewers, either in linux or Windows, they don't have a lot of the nice features that Adobe Acrobat has that are just convenient to use (They literally suck). Automatically OCR a document, multipage viewing that adjusts nicely to your screen, combine PDFs or whatever documents into one PDF, scanning, all the nice tools for review and note taking, etc. I had to sacrifice a lot of this nice convenience for my employees who were used to this. But I'm willing to burn it all down if it means stopping them from spying on my industry.

Comment Re:Please re-word: Jack Wallen's Best Linux Distro (Score 1) 224

Why not? I've been using it for my production server setup just fine. It works great and does the job pretty well. I don't recommend it for everyone, but the LTS and rolling updates doesn't hurt me. If it breaks something, that's why I have a backup to take over so I can figure it out.

To be honest, I haven't had anything break for my business for years on Arch. It's been running my machines, connecting to PLC's for data, running my database, all the good things just fine. I think probably the worst thing was just the python 2 to python 3 move, but it turned out to be a non-issue, since 90% of my stuff ran fine on python 3, and Arch (Along with all the major distributions) offered python 2 to stick around for a long time until I moved over.

Comment Re:Good. Its a freaking epidemic. (Score 1) 455

It doesn't even matter if it's illegal. I still see people using their phones while driving, whether or not it's legal. The problem is that it's difficult for people to disconnect from their devices while driving. And adding silly prevention measures to keep the device from working while driving will only force people to find ways to circumvent them.

Short of shutting down the entire mobile network, the only real direction I see is to start looking to the future of automated vehicles and mandating automatic features for vehicles just like some insurance companies mandate you have to have your lights on all the time. Some of these things can already be implemented in a very cost effective way to even old vehicles like automatic braking to prevent accidents.

You're not going to rip these devices off of people since many of them depend on it for whatever reasons and they'll find some way of using it during their commute. Then you have the whole "hands free" debacle when devices have surpassed the "hands free" era, when they can skype, email, text, whatever. And most of the application developers have no desire of making their application hands free nor care.

Comment Re:proprietary drivers (Score 2) 99

Probably. That's why I went with a Dell. I never believed I'd buy a Dell before, but I don't regret it. It's been pretty good and they've been really linux friendly of late, even their support. I remember when I could load linux onto Thinkpads without much issues (I have an old one running Freebsd on one without issues), not anymore.

Comment Re:Uh oh, honesty. 53 million songs by 14M artists (Score 2) 80

I agree with you - I think the shareware model would work spectacularly well for movies.

I don't. If they started the shareware model before all the downloading started, it might have worked. Now, I just don't even care to watch their movies even if it's offered for free. Even if they hand delivered it to me for free to watch, I still wouldn't watch it. They've pretty much destroyed my taste in all the movies they've been pumping out, most of it has been absolute crap. When you want me to pay $20 per a movie ticket to determine if a movie is crap, when the chances are very high that the movie is going to be crap, well, no thanks.

Comment Re:I'be been a Mac user for 13+ years (Score 1) 254

Jobs' solution to "antenna-gate" as you call it, was to announce to the world that the phone was fine, people were just holding it incorrectly

No, the best part is that every manufacturer saw that Jobs can get away with it, so can we. Ever since then, we've been having phones with degrading services requiring carriers to build more towers. But that's ok, because the carriers decided we could charge A LOT more for services because we have to build more towers, so now everyone is happy! Until the next BS to come up.

Comment Re:No basis in reality (Score 1) 212

There are plenty of offline map services on Android and they're pretty decent, especially where I can actually turn off traffic alerts (Have it track me online) or not. What bothers me is that Google pretty much can access my phone whenever they want. Ever try logging into your account? Yeah, what you can do there, they can do more.

In the meantime, I'm sure we'll have alternatives. The end of Cyanogen is not the end of roms. XDA forums is still there and I'm pretty sure Cyanogen is already forked. Hell, actually, its already been forked with many other projects...

Comment Re:Working on the report instead of the battery (Score 1) 254

Sounds similar to what Sony did a few years back with their Vaios. The laptops had serious issues with wifi connectivity and Sony would send people from Japan to investigate the situation. You would think they would be sending people to repair the problem and resolve the situation once and for all. Nope. You'd get a nice email about how you're at fault for everything. Meanwhile, people continued to have issues with the wifi connectivity.

Did they ever fix the issue or offer a resolution? Nope. The whole thing ended up being a PR stunt.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 146

"They are? Why?"

Drives fail, it happens often in old CNC machines, and a good servo drive is going to cost you a huge chunk of change to replace (Since there is no support for them or warranty anymore). You might get lucky with some old guys that still fix them, but that line is thinning. It's 2017, I don't think you'll get much life out of that CNC machine you bought for 20k unless you retrofit it (You're really just driving until it breaks at this point). I used to play that game and found that it's not worth it, because it's going to break at the worst time possible. Getting parts for these ancient machines ends up being more of a chore and costing you more than a brand new machine or rebuilding it. Break that wonderful CRT touchscreen? There's a company on the east coast still making them for $10k each. Much cheaper to retrofit with new stuff instead.

Then you have permit issues of course, you have the requirement of having the panel listed. Most of these old CNC's are more likely from Japan (Kuraki, MoriSieki, most popular old brands at these auctions), are not listed. And OSHA's requirements (And most likely your insurance company too). Usually these retrofit companies will handle that.

You'd be surprised how much stuff can be gutted with the new controllers. You can take out that ancient computer running DOS that weighs a ton, with those ancient IO's (That nobody even knows what it does anymore) and replace it with something the size of a Raspberry Pi.

"There was a comment on the Windows 10 fiasco where one of their production machines was taken off line for a forced upgrade."

Yes, that happened in front of me at a shop making me parts. That was a brand new Makino.

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