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Comment Virtual Machines to the Rescue (Score 2) 140

Use a virtual machine to contain Windows 10. Install an operating system and virtual machine software you trust. Disable any wireless interface for that operating system. Put the files in a Windows 10 virtual machine. Do not give the virtual machine access to any wireless interfaces.

Comment Re:The elephant in the room (Score 1) 243

What material do you want included as prior art that is not already included? Prior art today already includes everything ever published before the application was filed, everything that was publicly used in the US before the application was filed, and generally all patent applications filed before the application.

Comment Re:NetApp (Score 1) 231

Sorry, ZFS combined with a NAS could infringe a patent that ZFS by itself doesn't. It all depends on whether the NAS was included in the claims. One of the patents cited in this discussion appears to do just that. However, without fully analyzing the patent, it's hard to know the exact extent of the claims.

Comment Re:The USPTO... (Score 2, Informative) 36

That's not what the patent attorneys say. Most patent attorneys complain that the USPTO won't issue even completely new inventions. The statistics confirm that the USPTO is far from just a rubber stamp. >90% of all patent applications get rejected after their initial submission. It's typical that a patent only gets issued after a few rounds of prosecution.

Comment Re:Don't pay royalties to Amazon: Force them to su (Score 3, Informative) 36

It probably wouldn't speed up the process. First, just because some company implemented 1-click, does not force Amazon to sue. Unlike trademarks, where the mark has to be enforced to prevent delusion, patent infringement can be ignored. RedHat has even gone so far as to publicly state they won't enforce their patents in certain situations. Second, even if it was brought to court, the judge could decide to stay the case pending the decision from the USPTO. This sometimes happens because the judge doesn't want to waste their time or effort when the USPTO is already looking at the case.

Comment The "Black Hole" has not started (Score 3, Interesting) 278

Wait until fundamentalist religious groups realize how much culture they could remove simply by buying the copyrights to those works. Once a fundamentalist Christian, Jewish, or Muslim group realizes that by investing billions of dollars they could completely control all large media, the culture war will truly begin.

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