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Comment Got to love it! (Score 1) 183

I think it speaks volumes of the so called "slashdotter" that this video is a news story - very classy my friends. plus it makes me want to do some acid real bad....

Comment I just may be a pessimist (Score 1) 296

while this is pretty entertaining, and it certainly does seem like this man should be applauded - I dont see how this is anything other than a superficial victory at best. after all, what steps can really be taken against corporate entities that will ultimately buy themselves "justice" and legislature?

we just might all be screwed in the fight for "freedoms", "rights", and "privileges"

Comment How much IS your time worth? (Score 1) 837

I don't understand...

Do you buy all your computers directly from dell? No, you build it yourself to suit your need.

Do you have best buy install your tv for you after you buy it? No, that is ludicrous.

Not wanting to sound condescending, but cables are just ordinary little things - let there be no mystification surrounding them.

Besides - what if, while snaking a 300ft cable down three floors of conduit one end snags and breaks the tab? Or what if the cable gets nicked/cut? There goes your $$$ cable that you sat around and waited for - but the job needs to be finished now. Or at that point would you compromise and throw your own handmade end on?

Just make the damn thing

Comment Ahhhhh Slashdot, you's my only friend (Score 1) 993

even though this topic is beyond everyday pitiful and ridiculous standards, it does warm my heart a little to see slashdotters of all sorts getting behind this weak minded, weak willed automaton poisoned by the hollow creeds of our materialistic society.

my advice, vague as it may be - just remember that every human is equal, and you'll have the upper hand in any situation ever (yes even comebacks and conversations).

Comment all up molyneux's... (Score 3, Interesting) 55

I don't see why everyone is all up molyneux's ass about games. his ideas really aren't all that innovative. there are SO MANY great game ideas that I've heard of over the years, but they all get shot/watered down by the time the project managers or whoever gets through with them. the only reason molyshit gets recognition is because he can apparently brown nose with the best of them to keep his "cool hip features" in the final cut of the games.

thumbs down molyneux, all of us gamers seeking quality and originality frown upon you and are tired of hearing your "genius" schemes.

Comment 32 new features in the NEW Windows 7 Supreme (Score 5, Funny) 509

36 new features in windows 7:

9.Oh Yeah!
10.An even worse network stack!
11.No Crash! *Cross Fingers*
16.The Newest!
21.Needy Windows!
23.Screen Savers!
25.Safe! *Cross Fingers*
26.Improving Performance Through Data! (an actual quote!)
27.Keyboard Shortcuts! (Previously not available since Windows 95)
29.Even a 4 year old is doing it you idiot!
30.Saves Time!
31.Reduced Confusion with Drag/Drop!

boy, I can't wait!

Comment IF (Score 2, Informative) 254

If it were truly the list of the "most influential" games, we should see the earliest most unknown games ever that inspired the would-be programmers who made the slightly less unknown games which inspired the would-be programmers who made the slightly known games which inspired the would-be programmers to make great, fun games.

I mean, let's just be honest - what was the most influential part of the barn burning I held last night?

one match and a piece of straw

what influences the avalanch? what influences the tsunamis and hurricanes?

glad as heck to see chrono trigger on there, but what about FFIII? and what the hell is FFXII doing up there? where is dragon warrior I-V?

but, actually, now that I think about it - they never mentioned what the object being influenced was? we all assume it is the game industry, but they could mean "what influenced us as players".

Comment I wish (Score 1) 321

I'm personally longing to find some billionair-head gullable enough to fund an expedition and pay me for months to cruise the oceans.

the dialogue I imagine would run as follows:
"hey guy, I found amelia earheart on mapquest"
"here's ten million dollars and a barge"

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