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Comment Bullshit (Score -1) 131

This is just the usual bullshit. Einstein was an asshole who ripped off some 18. century math and took the credit for it and by doing so gave the final deathblow to the use of Maxwell's original 20 equations which actually did provide the math you need to understand dark matter long before Einstein even was born. When you drive a car around a corner and feel your body being pushed to the side, that's you pushing against dark matter. It's as simple as that, but the strategic advantage which this knowledge provides, renders it cosmic top secret (pun intended :)

Comment What have become of you? (Score -1) 758

This used to be a fun site. Now it's suddently full of M$ lovers and whatnot! Every programmer with a shred of selfrespect knows that Microsoft is fracking evil! And all of their fracking products sucks like nothing else. I should bitchslap every single one of you .NET whores with the sorry excuse of an OS you rided in on. I'm ashamed of you all.

Submission + - Microsoft dominates the OOXML process

nnn0 writes: An interesting norwegian article claims that Microsoft totally dominates the OOXML standardization process. Head of Freecode reveals that in the norwegian Standard Norge's seven members, four are from Microsoft and one is from Statoil, a heavy Windows user. He also finds it peculiar the Ecma managed to approve the whole Open XML standard in less than a year. The standard which spans 6000 pages, not only got approved 20 times faster than any XML standard before it, but the committee was also leaded by two Microsoft employees. He also points to the fact that Ecma is a closed process, in contrast to Oasis which the ODF standard went thru. He further claims that if ISO approves OOXML, it will go against it's own policy to not support competing standards. Those fluent in nordic languages can read the full article here.

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