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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Explaining to my girlfriend that humans didn't ride dinosaurs ( 4

p00kiethebear writes: "Dear Slashdot. Remember when you learned that Santa Clause wasn't real? I have a wonderful and beautiful girlfriend. She treats me so right in every way. We've been together for almost a year now and everything seemed to be going perfectly until this morning. Over breakfast we were discussing dinosaurs and she told me a story about how her grandfather, fifty years ago, dated footprints of a dinosaurs and a man that were right next to each other to be within the same epoch of history. I laughed when she said this and then realized that she wasn't joking. She seriously believes this. She believes dinosaurs and humans walked at the same time together. Her grandfather told her this when she was little so regular logic and wiki isn't going to be able to contest her childhood dreams that she has been raised to believe. The odd thing is that she's not religious, it's just what her archeologist grandfather taught her. More important than just backing up evidence to the contrary, how do I explain this to her without crushing her childhood dreams? Is it even worth discussing it further with her? Have you ever had a loved one or family member that believed something that made you uncomfortable?"

Submission + - Will Google really test IPv6 on World IPv6 Day?

An anonymous reader writes: Will Google really test IPv6 on World IPv6 day, or will they just do a minimal test? I'm referring to Google Ads and Google Analytics. If google were to enable IPv6 retrieval for those two services, it will get a much larger exposure — instead of just the users hitting google itself, it would measure availability and adoption across users hitting any site that has google ads or analytics tracking on it.

Submission + - NetFlix iphone/ipad/itouch streaming dns issues

nneul writes: "With the new iphone/ipad/ipod wifi streaming app for netflix out, I decided to try it out and found it wouldn't work at all on my home wifi, even though streaming with my XBox 360 and other computers works fine. Turns out after some network diagnostics that the problem is that NetFlix app on the iphone (jailbroken of course!) is doing a dns lookup for '', and the response contains 'IN A'. Current OpenWRT (and default configuration for a number of consumer routers) is filtering this response out to try and protect against dns rebinding attacks.

NetFlix support person had a "workaround" that would have worked had I tried it — (switching client to use OpenDNS or Google DNS), but I don't think that the reason why is clear to them. (It's more of a "oh, just reboot your router" type of fix.)

If you're using a dnsmasq based home dns server (and have the ability to control it's config), you can add "rebind-localhost-ok" to /etc/dnsmasq.conf to allow the localhost DNS responses through. Seems to me that NetFlix should configure some other dns response other than using a non-routable address as they are bound to run into this issue more in the future."

Submission + - State of Virginia experiencing computer problems (

Albanach writes: The State of Virginia has entered the third day of ongoing computer problems, blamed on 230 crashed servers. State offices have, amongst other things, been unable to issue new driving licenses and been unable to process new jobless claims. The State has outsourced much of its IT provision to Northrop Grumman in a $2bn deal that was criticized by auditors for poor service. That deal was rewritten with the State pledging increased funds in return for improved service.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Recovering computers after house fire? (

Nathan Neulinger writes: "Today, my family and I experienced (after the fact — we were not home) a house fire that completely destroyed our kitchen, and caused significant smoke and heat damage throughout the rest of the house. I believe that the two more important computer systems in the house shut themselves down automatically when the power was cut, but I don't know how much smoke and soot was pulled into them.

I'm not terribly concerned about the machines themselves, but I'd like to pull the data off onto new media. I'm a long time unix admin, so recovery tools themselves are not an issue, but I am concerned about the hardware itself. Are there any things to watch out for in terms of powering the drives back up on another machine, or is this a "don't touch it, leave it to the pros" type of thing? I have not been able to look at the drives up close yet — waiting on insurance adjuster to approve messing with house's contents first."

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