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Comment Margaret Wente, yet again (Score 1) 174

This is a column (therefore an opinion piece) written by someone with a huge anti-environmentalist bias. It might be true but equally, it might not be and she has almost certainly cherry picked the facts. It would be great if the bees have recovered but I would need to hear it from someone else.

Comment IDE features (Score 1) 59

I have been programming since vi was considered advanced. I have to admit that features such as builtin debugging and autocompletion are very useful. I program in multiple languages and an IDE which understands the language I am using helps me greatly, especially when it knows about the library. I am more productive because of these tools.

Comment Worth saving.. (Score 0, Interesting) 169

Not to diminish Unix's importance, it is a link in the chain -- but what a link it is! When MS is bankrupt, Windoze won't fit onto a DVD and no affordable hardware will be able to run it, Unix will be here. I run FreeBSD on my desktop and still enjoy firing up my AT&T 6300+ and playing with SVR2. Amazingly, the two computers, separated by more than 20 years, interact very nicely through a RS232 connection.

Submission + - Pentagon hires hackers

maclizard writes: "CNN is reporting that the Pentagon is looking for hackers to help secure National intelligence.

From the Article:
"Some of you are extremely talented, gifted even at what you do," said Arthur Money, Assistant Secretary of Defense and CIO at the Department of Defense (DoD). "If you're thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life, maybe you should think about this in a different manner. You should think about coming to work for us.""

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