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Comment If Microsoft didn't collected so fucking much data (Score 1) 59

.. they could had gotten my usage data.

Why can't Microsoft test the trillions of hardware configurations before releasing an OS update?

I'd totally be willing to let them collect SOME data to improve their product assuming they wouldn't pass it on-wards but when they want to log the keyboard and shit (and likely see visited urls, ran programs, get identification data, ..) then no.

Comment Re:Unimpressive performance. (Score 1) 141

Awesome - I can replace my 2TB spinning drive with a Samsung SSD of the same size for 77 USD?

You can likely get 64 GB of 960 Pro space for $77.

Intel had HDD cache on SSD with previous motherboards and there's some software for doing it too though I don't know how well that one work.

It definitely could be done with SSDs if they wanted too.

However I think access-time is even lower on Optane than on the HDDs plus it will hold up to wear better.

Comment Re:Free still means freedom to some of us (Score 1) 237

I found this headline confusing, because when I started out here on Slashdot many of us used "free" to mean "available under a license that preserves your freedom to view source code, modify, and redistribute for any purpose" rather than merely "gratis."
There doesn't seem to be a license or source code available, so I'm thinking the article just means available with no charge.

Non-alcoholic version:
Free as in liberty, not socialism.

Comment But it didn't save money (Score 1) 177

.. at-least not according to the fucking summary.

The headline claims it did but the summary say they couldn't afford to keep on doing it and then mention some benefits which .. it would seem wasn't enough to compensate for the 25% loss of work-time.

So... Why the stupid headline? Because it's sensational even though wrong?
Alternative fact?
Maybe Bloomberg hold the same quality as Swedish main-stream media and go with the no-work-worker political-view of it all; no work but all benefits of work for everyone!

Comment Re:I live in the Seattle area... (Score 1) 110

We were moving a boat in foul weather and I was cold, bored, wet, and a bit seasick. Somehow that nasty awful rotten candy took my mind off it and made me a bit less sad that I was alive.

Yepp! Happiest people on the planet! Used to be the Danes but they got it too. "Turkisk Peber" is from Denmark, produced by Fazer (Finnish) nowadays but ..
Djungelvrål would be a nice one to get, it's all salt on the surface so .. that may not be your thing, but you could actually rinse it off and the licorice inside is harder and .. different.. creamier? Toffieer? Or maybe it's just all that salt before-hand which trick you. That's Swedish licorice. Lkerol (also Swedish) Salmiaki is likely sold quite a lot here but is salmiak all over and a lot of it and even I don't like it but I buy it anyway because .. salt (not NaCL, NaCL+licorice doesn't taste the same ..)
The bags I bought was Finnish "Kouvolan Lakritsi" but basically simply because it seem to be the only product they produce and then I don't have to worry about gelatin and such.

The Turkisk peber have ... pepper in it, so it's a different thing. There's also things like "Salta kanoner" (Salt cannons) or whatever which maybe are similar.

The finns (sold here to and likely the same in LIDL under their own brand) also have "Panda licorice" which may be better from a non-Nordic perspective because not only isn't it salmiac licorice but it's also mild in taste and less chewy than Djungelvrål. I don't really want to buy it because since it's so mild I'll eat more of it and that's of course than than eating less of it. Djungelvrål give more flavor for the weight & volume and Lkerol is made of gummi arabicum and Stevia among other things and is sold in small pastill cardboard cases so that will have even less weight and sugar in it. Most licorice seem to be based of wheat-flour and sugar/molasses, sometimes glucose syrup or corn-starch and pretty rarely gelatin, of course hard versions will mostly just be sugar and some syrup maybe but ... hard? :/

Anyway, salt licorice, alcohol, spiced whine, "beautiful women" (how would I know?!) .. makes it work! :D
Sweden is fucked and done by now though. Best place in the world in the 80s and so shitty now. Good work!

Comment Re:move on (Score 1) 366

Actually people are less likely to report sexual crimes now then before:
Why is open for speculation, I have my ideas ..
That of course mean that the actual number of people affected by criminal sexual behavior has increased even more the number of reported cases would say.

Go alternative facts! So exciting!
Surely you can trust a socialist or want-to-take-control-over-the-culture-and-thought-of-the-people-regime!

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