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Comment Re:Some technical info for slashdotters (Score 1) 61

As a visualization guy, it always makes me happy to see such a good use of visualization. Thanks for providing some extra technical details here! A couple of questions, though:
1) What grid type does your simulation code use? If it's regular grid, have you considered switching to something more adaptive like AMR or unstructured grids?
2) Since I/O is your main bottleneck, have you considered further decimating your output and visualizing in situ to fill in the gap? I suspect your visual analysis is too complicated for current in situ techniques to cover everything you want to do, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

Comment Re:Isn't this a normal US-vocal thing? "registeRRR (Score 1) 331

She was most likely accentuating vocal fry throughout the clip for the purpose of demonstration.

It bothers me that you complain about the speech patterns of other peoples - particularly those you deem to be "lazy / hippies" - yet cannot find the effort to capitalize your I's and fully spell out "people."

Comment Re:so how big is it? (Score 1) 265

You wouldn't be able to look at it in this situation because they have to put it in a completely isolated the sample to get it cold enough. The article does sort of imply that it's in two places at once, but it's really just in two states at once. Since this is a piezo-electric material, it'd be two different sizes at the same time. If you could somehow look at it, it would always appear to be a single size. Which size it appears to be would be be random with some probability.

Comment Gnome + Twinview (Score 1, Informative) 460

I'm using Twinview on a standard Ubuntu 9.10 install. While it's one big desktop stretching across two screens, you can set up metamodes in xorg.conf that allows windows to comfortably use a whole monitor (i.e. maximizing makes a window take up one monitor, not stretch across). If you're using an Nvidia card, the nvidia-setttings utility will even set this up for you. Both monitors are of course set to the same workspace, though. As far as I know, separate X servers are the only way to have each monitor on a different workspace.

Comment Re:A little sad. (Score 1) 510

Just a comment but from what I see on the TV renovation shows, every window in California is single-pane and insulation is a liberal myth. In Canada you'd freeze to death, in Cali apparently you just crank the AC a little higher and wonder why the power bill is so high.

I moved to California from Wisconsin not long ago, and I'm simply amazed at how thin the windows in my apartment are. If the windows had any insulation at all we almost could've gone the whole winter without turning on the heat. Same deal with watering; they over water the grass to the point that it doesn't even dry out until late afternoon.

Comment Re:Troll? Really? (Score 1) 445

Where do you get your information about "the universities where the wealthy kids go?" Is there something you can cite, or is it a personal assumption that you believe to be common knowledge? You're right that Berkeley the city is indeed very liberal. However, according to a friend who attended UCB for a bit, the campus itself is actually much more diverse in opinion. Sure, my evidence is second-hand and anecdotal, but it's more than you provide.

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