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Comment Not Stealing. Not infringement. (Score 1) 284

The copyright on a non-protected derivative work automatically reverts to the original copyright holder. In this case, if I transcribe the dialogue to a movie, the dialogue still clearly belongs to whoever owns the copyright on the movie. If they license Netflix to use the dialogue as subtitles, then Netflix are within their rights to take it from transcriptions done without license.

Comment Re:Not safe (Score 5, Informative) 301

Oh come on. Both articles you link to are full of nothing but conjecture and opinion, and both are about the same accident. Plus, anecdotal evidence tells us nothing. What I want to know is: how many accidents on average do Google autonomous cars have per mile, and how does that relate to the average for human-driven cars?

Comment Technical Problem, or etiquette problem (Score 1) 1002

In my experience, people get personally hurt when they are told that they don't need equipment as good as another department. It's one thing not to hand it out in the first place, but I can never imagine an employer taking away part of someone's working environment and equipment. It's a slap in the face. It's also disruptive to productivity-- Once someone is used to their setup, changing it at all can waste their time, especially taking away equipment they are used to as part of their daily process.

Comment Re:Hopefully this accelerates its adoption (Score 1) 437

Interesting memory you have there. Because mine clearly includes a first wave of USB devices that were ALL "bondi blue" to go with the first generation iMac. By the time the PC manuacturers came on board, a lot of accessories already existed thanks to a market Apple created. The commodity PC market-- sorry, WinTel world-- may have benefited from "free" USB on Intel motherboards, but it didn't hurt that Apple made sure devices already existed for those ports.

Comment Context (Score 1) 305

Sure, this vastly increased sales-- the artist's direct sales of the trade paperback on his own Etsy. We have no sense at all of the scale of impact on overall sales. In effect, this was just the best opportunity he had had to drive traffic to his own site. Would this have even shown up as a blip in total overall sales? Did Amazon see a similar peak?

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