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Comment Re:Deja'vu (Score 4, Interesting) 107

I can confirm that the Microsoft server do not always hold the content on their servers. I had bought a dozen or so songs from the Zune marketplace, then after an update I lost media rights to play these purchased songs. When I went to re-download the songs, they are no longer available on the Zune Marketplace. I called Customer Support (in India), and they are if course unable to assist. They blamed me for not backing up my license file. They sugested that I burn all my purchased songs to a CD for a backup. I tried to explain that was the reason why I purchased the Zune in the first place, to get rid of the CD media. So do not always assume this content is available to be downloaded again, which is a major issue with the XBOX, since you cant backup any of the content.

Comment Reporting agency (Score 1) 106

Is there a reporting agency that we can contact regarding blatent disregard for personal data? A friend works for a foot doctor (podiatrist,sp). The dosctor forces a different nurse to take the laptop home with them, and return it to the office the next day. The doctor has multiple office locations, so he cannot leave it locked in the current office.

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