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Submission + - 'Pink Mass' Has Made Westboro Baptist Church Founder's Mom Gay (huffingtonpost.com)

PolygamousRanchKid writes: On Sunday, July 14, the Satanic Temple, a New York-based organization that seeks to foster "benevolence and empathy among all people" through Satan, performed a ritual called a "pink mass" at the Mississippi gravesite of Catherine Idalette Johnston, mother of WBC founder Fred Phelps Jr. The aim? To "turn" the WBC founder's mom gay for all eternity.

"Upon completion of the pink mass ceremony, Catherine Johnston is now gay in the afterlife," notes the Satanic Temple website, which has the cheeky URL www.westboro-baptist.com. "Fred Phelps is obligated to believe that his mother is now gay ... [and] if beliefs are inviolable rights, nobody has the right to challenge our right to believe that Fred Phelps believes that his mother is now gay." The latter assertion appears to be a play on the WBC's own stance that their beliefs are totally infallible.

Vice reports that the idea for the pink mass came about in April, after the WBC threatened to protest the funerals of the Boston Marathon bombing victims. The website compared the the pink mass to "the Mormon practice of baptizing the dead, only much gayer."

Comment Re:narfled the garthok - I'm not dead yet (Score 1) 405

The question "If I was to be killed by science-fiction villains, I'd rather:" kind of assumes you're going to die. I'd rather re-word it, I would prefer: "If a science-fiction villain were to attempt to kill me I'd rather:"

You cannot deny your mortality. Get in in your head, buddy. We are just dust in the wind, in the end. If you accept that, firstly, you face the truth and not hide from it as can be inferred from the wording in this post. (pardon, if this is not correct but do not change your perception and tell me I was wrong after you have changed your perception. That's just mean.) Secondly, you can channel your thoughts, actions and your life accordingly. You actually become more powerful, with truth by your side. Lo and behold, truth is liberating.

Comment two months ago (Score 1) 250

And that was because I moved. From AT&T Elite DSL, I now have Business Comcast Cable internet (one of my housemates works at home and her work pays for most of the internet bill :) ). It's a bit of an upgrade but on a couple of occasions (once a month in the last two months), it has slowed down to a crawl for several hours notceably. I hope it's not a chronic problem.

Comment Green Tea with Intermittent Fasting (Score 1) 209

I tend to fast about 16 hours a day. That's counting about 7 hours of sleep plus nine hours in the morning and day. I do this for some health benefits and weight control (managing to lose about 20 pounds in a month and a half was a bonus). Now I am working on my six-pack abs and fitness. Anyway, my point is, because of this Intermittent fasting, I have switched to Green Tea in the morning and perhaps a coffee in the after noon. I love the concentration boosts due to these beverages.

Comment Can't happen without some basic house cleaning (Score 1) 438

Interestingly, did the ambition of a robust space dream for the US die when the US had no real competition from the Russians or anyone else in the world? It looks like the US accumulated all the technical know-how (probably in some super secret programs) while never really unleashing its full potential. What a shame. Obviously, it's not clear if even with all the technical knowledge, how viable colonizing other terrains is. But having all that technical knowledge gives humans an edge without doubt. And to make a U-turn in my comment, it all goes back to basic human distrust. If the countries could actually agree and work on this together, there would be proliferation of knowledge and a better chance at space colonization. That's not happening any time soon. Space colonization is an issue that probably cannot happen with some basic human unity and cooperation between the countries.

Comment Interview (Score 1) 469

After reading these interviews on Forbes and Timeand reading up on wikileaks, I came to the uncomfortable conclusion that Assange is doing what he has stood for and has spoken of. He has been very consistent in his actions and his views are visionary.

When I read some of the stuff he has said, he comes off as a cynic. However, his underlying motivations are anything but cynical. He truly believes that putting this data out into the world will prevent/has prevented wars(Iran-US war) and that things will progress in the positive direction. I, while more than a decade younger than Assange, have become a bit jaded in my world view unlike Assange.

Perhaps he is a cynical optimist,as illogical and paradoxical that sounds.

Comment letter j (Score 1) 715

the letter 'j' on my keyboard. Now, whenever I try to type my last name which has a j, it looks like I spelled it wrong when I try to type fast. bummer. I had to force that letter hard to do it right now. :( The component which literally turned green before this was the webcam.

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