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Comment Re:I'm a Muslim... (Score 4, Insightful) 677

I am a Muslim and completely agree with what you said. The irony is that the Prophet was maligned, harmed and thrown stones upon, his response was always peace but the Muslims who claim to be defending the Prophet actually abuse people on facebook pages and forums. The question I ask is this. Does any of this result in something constructive? I don't think so, I have seen more people uttering bad words, being violent (which by the way is un-islamic). So what is the point? If the Prophet was alive today, he would never even heed to these things. I do acknowledge that as a Muslim I get offended about such things, but there is a way to express one's views. Most of the Muslims today do not think about the outcome of what they are doing. I think that banning these websites actually spreads it out more, because people who had never even known about it would come to know of it. We as Muslims have let a bunch of people get hold of the leadership of our countries and they are doing nothing for us. They just gobble up more money and deprive people of their basic necessities. The biggest Jihad is to stand against these Muslim leaders and demand our rights. If we as a people unite, these leaders cannot do anything. We have inflicted the current situation upon ourselves, by letting them take hold of our freedom.

Comment Bluetooth hops while Wifi doesn't (Score 1) 152

I highly doubt that Direct Wifi will replace Bluetooth. One reason is that Wifi works on a single channel and does not hop and thus is more susceptible to interference. Bluetooth on the other hand hops across different channels to avoid interfering with other protocols and even other bluetooth devices. Also, Wifi is a big power drain as compared to bluetooth.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Meraki Bypasses Google in Wireless SF Push (

eldavojohn writes: "Three years ago, Google & Earthlink teamed up to bath San Francisco in wireless goodness as per the mayor's decree. But as the details started to mature, the progress began to slow so a tiny startup has taken up the cross. From the article, "Enter Meraki Networks, a wireless mesh-network company. Bypassing city hall, Meraki has given away some 200 wireless routers to city residents in the past couple of months; the routers have been accessed by more than 6,000 city residents who can pick up the Wi-Fi signal. Meraki is now offering to expand the program to give away a few thousand routers, thereby building a free Wi-Fi mesh-network system from the rooftops, balconies, and windows of anyone who wants to participate." Could these small "mesh-networks" become a viable non-regulated alternative to corporate driven attempts?"

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