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Comment Dick of the decade! (Score 1) 346

He's just a senior exec doing his job well. Most of us aren't. Instead, we suck up to him. Geesh!
John Carmack would have accomplished more technically along with his team by releasing Doom 3 (Its graphic engine specifically! An artpiece!) and fostering Armadillo Aerospace, than Mr. Jobs spreading the tentacles of profiteering to brainwashed numbnuts who'll buy anything christened by him (apparently).

30 years from now, he would just be a footnote or special feature in the chronicles of our time. Than a "person of the decade". Hilarious, indeed!

Comment Re:...and so what? (Score 2, Insightful) 126

Google doesn't sell that info.

Thus far they haven't done anything nefarious with the info they collect. They even refused to turn tons of it over to the government.

Can you prove what you say? As authoritatively as you say it?

Google has brainwashed many people with its strangely inscrutable "Don't be evil" campaign. So much so that those folks start dreaming divine fantasies about Google's impeccable loyalty to its dear beta customers' rights online. And start making statements that make remote business sense but none too practical. Keep an open eye on both sides of Google. Its not a saintly or charitable venture. Its just lesser of the evils.

Comment Its simple really! (Score 1) 188

1. Fresh coffee
2. Clean & airy environment
3. Judas Priest playing in my earphones

Of course, no humans around for few hundred yards.

I use to think that coding while one's on substances enhances productivity. It does not. Its only a delusion like many others that fill your head once you're intoxicated (or high or whatever).

As a designer, engineer, programmer its best to keep a clear head and steady hands. You can create your code according to your insights & logic perfectly then. For long durations. Thats decent human productivity.

Once the code is tested, bugs are fixed, deliverables delivered and UAT finished - I'll pack off with Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll to my own destination. But only after everything is in order.

Programming is serious business and fun too. Let's not confuse it with some macho endeavour trying to bring the gates of hell down.

Comment Re:What the f*** is happening to Office? (Score 1) 341

Yes. 10-15y old kids. Thats what those ribbons are for. Infact the whole MS Office is for 10-15y old kids. Yes. They are 'the' target audience. Yes, indeed.

Oh wait ... did someone say - 'Business Users'?

Aa. Must be Ballmer's gas.

But I can't help thinking - No wonder the economy is in drains if MS Office powered 10-15y olds are doing business.

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