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Comment A few machines at work still running it (Score 1) 211

We still have a few tools and machines at work running it. The vendor for one still uses it for new builds. At home I still have a real and a virtual machine running it 4.52 with al available fixpacks. Just a couple old programs that I don't have ported over to Linux. OS/2 still has some design features missing from Windows and Linux including the Presentation Manager.

Comment Re:This is nothing new for me. (Score 1) 164

In Vermont, the state income tax code includes a special sales tax payment for items purchased out of state where no taxes were collected. This includes online sales as well as purchases made in neighboring states without sales taxes. Also includes magazine subscriptions etc. This of course is up to the individual to report and if you are not required to file income taxes you would not be filling out this extra paperwork.

Comment Re:Counting minor variations... (Score 2) 280

Between work and home, not even counting minor variations, in no particular order...

OS/2 Warp 4.5 & eCS 2.x
PalmOS 5
IOS 5.x
OSX 10.5.x
Windows 95, XP
RedHat EL4, EL5, EL6
Fedora 15
Solaris (misc unknown versions)
AIX 4, 5, 6
Misc on Dish DVR, network routers, Oscilloscopes, and other misc imbedded devices...

Comment Re:Ebay has a section for LCD for embedded devices (Score 1) 142

We have been looking at one of the $16-$18 displays for a hobby project.

Looks like a larger PIC would be able to drive it given enough I/O pins or some extra glue logic. The supplied interface needs a 16 bit parallel plus a 4w SPI for the touch sensor (plus a few control lines). A bit of a shame they did not bring out the mode control lines as the display controller appears to support a SPI interface directly.

Also no built in ROM so you'll need some allocation for the character font you want to use. Price is attractive at under $20 including shipping.

Search for '3.2 color lcd module touch' on ebay.

(LCD Controller = SSD1289, Touch Controller = ADS7843.)

Comment Re:My house was hit (Score 1) 341

Our house or pole was hit a few years ago. Similar equipment results.

It appeared from the small burn marks on the house wall near the Cable TV line that the cable was the primary conductor.
Cable and phone shared a common ground rod.

All devices connected to cable were toast. (3 TVs 2 VCRs and 2 Stereo receivers) Some on surge strips but no help.
Most all telephones and answering machines fried except 2 old AT&T tanks.
2 PC's plugged in were OK (on surge strips)
3rd PC external modem and attached serial port on the PC were fried (from phone line). On UPS w/surge.
One circuit breaker tripped and we replaced it as a precaution. Operated every other breaker to test them.
4 GFI outlets failed (on different circuits) the test check stopped working and were replaced. (still functioned for power but were unsafe)
Transformer on oil burner (did not find this until the fall when we turned the heat on)

Insurance company was great, no hassle on most of the items but I did have to have a couple large ticket items confirmed by the local appliance repair. Insurance covered the cost to verify.. Cost me the deductible to replace everything (full replacement coverage).
Mostly affected things attached to the phone line and cable. Not sure about the GFI units if they are more sensitive, These were standard in wall 15A outlet types.

Comment Re:Why is OS/2 mentioned twice in the article? (Score 1) 875

OS/2 is still fairly well supported on modern hardware. I have it running on my main email system 2.5G AMD proc with a gforce 5500. Seamonkey/firefox is still actively ported/supported. The main component missing is the latest flash plugin. (There is even a port for open office 3 in the works). And yes, it runs fast (not all the bloat if the new OS's).

I agree with you on the WPS. I wish IBM would port it to Linux.

For a VM I have Warp4 running under Linux-Parallels as a supported client OS. Well worth the $50. I have win98se, Win2k and OS/2-Warp 4 sessions setup.

Comment Re:Software Projects vs. Traditional Projects (Score 1) 140

It seems that projects such as bridges and tunnels have an expectation of completion no matter the cost. Once the project is started it must be finished. Take for example the "Big Dig" in Boston, original estimate 2.2 Billion USD, Current expenditures 14.6 Billion USD. (and still under litigation for poor construction practices and death ) Most any software project that late and that over budget would have long since been shelved. In keeping with the original books references here is the Wiki link

Comment Re:depends (Score 1) 1137

Just for reference in VT, USA I pay $243 / month for three cars and three drivers. One driver is under 24. (which jacks up the price big time.) The 2001 VW Bug is the most expensive to insure. In general if you have more cars than drivers the insurance for the extra cars is very reduced.
My truck is 8 years old and free and clear (91,000 miles). I fill up every 10 days (commuting to work and working around the house getting top soil and mulch etc). I spend about $25 to $35 every 10 days ($3 per day)

Comment Re:depends (Score 1) 1137

In this area we have so many high traffic roads with no shoulders that you put your life at risk with every passing truck.
No train or bus service to speak of. We are paying a tax surcharge for the bus (that does not come to the town) and an extra $10 income tax ($6mil/600K people) for every man woman and child to subsidize a train that 12 people a day ride. The train station is 12 miles away and work is 14 so I'll stick with the car. And by the way the train is loosing money every year.
We pay road taxes as part of our fuel and 25% of it goes to other non transportation projects. The cost of running a car would be cheaper if the money went where it was ment to.
The Courts

Use Your iPhone To Get Out of a Ticket 291

An anonymous reader writes to tell us that just announced new compatibility with the Safari web browser on Apple's iPhone, giving you new tools to immediately contest a parking ticket. The site is so confident in their service that if all steps are followed and the ticket is still not dismissed they will pay $10 towards your ticket. "The process begins by navigating the iPhone's Safari browser to the website where you'll find a straightforward means to fight a parking ticket; whether the ticket was issued in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. Simply register for a free account and choose the city in which the ticket was issued. Enter your ticket and vehicle details then answer a few quick questions. The detailed process takes about ten minutes, from A-Z. To allow easy entry of your ticket, a look-a-like parking ticket is displayed — for your specific city — with interactive functionality."

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