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Comment Re:favorites... (Score 1) 204

I agree that thas usually the genders that associate more with work but by stating

Indeed, everyone has his favorites.

All document conversions are left to the secretary (and she may do it in any way she pleases)

(emphasis mine on both) OP is reinforcing the stereotype that men are programmers and women are secreataries even though there different cases for both

Was OP pushing an agenda? I don't know but that's the problem with the engraved sexism in our society: It may not be clear to the sender and receiver that the message is sexist even though the sender may not be fully aware of it.

It's the same thing as stating that it's a fact on both professions and their respective majority of genders: your message may be conceived as undermining the problem that exists with sexism (particularly on IT) because you're referring to them as facts. At my floor, the majority of programmers are women and there is, in fact, one male secretary (to be fair, there are only 5 programmers totals :P). That's a fact on my floor.

Not judging anybody on this thread but merely trying to point out the problems with sexism engraved in our society.

Comment Why do they just leave the packages anyway? (Score 1) 112

I'm always baffled in trying to understand why USPS (or others) simply leave the package at the doorstep. Is that a regulation or something? I mean, what type of parcels require signature upon receiving?

In Brazil all parcels requiring signature cannot be left without a person taking responsibility for it and the post office is required to try three times (sometimes they just pretend they tried 3 times - yay for tracking) and after that they leave a notification that you now have to go the post office to pick it up.

Comment Re:For great justice... maybe? (Score 3, Insightful) 550

Try the dude for possession of child pornography, try the dude for coercing a minor, do what you have to do. Do NOT try to make this a whole schpiel about "Oh no, cyber bullies!" or try to charge this guy for her death in any way. Even if he is entirely responsible for the picture and its distribution, he did not kill this girl, she chose to take the easy way out and just say "I give up". That's not his fault. Showing her tatas online was nobody's choice but her own, and she certainly wasn't 'forced' to do anything of the sort. The most someone on a webcam can do is ask. If you don't want to do it, then don't. End the chat. Call Chris Hanson. Whatever. Unfortunately it looks like she couldn't live with the results of her bad decision. I feel zero sympathy for this girl.

All emphasis mine.

Sigh... let me ask you this: When you were 13 were you this savvy and awesome as you appear to be? Probably not. Kids in their formation years have not been fucked by the rest of world to learn and understand what one action can have as its outcome.

Was it her decision to show? Oh yes I agree but it was definetely and heavely induced by someone else. If you wanted to gain someones attention would you not do something if asked?

Have you ever been clinically depressed? Have you ever felt ashamed of yourself to the point where the "easy way out" (did you use your mob face for this phrase?) was the only solution to stop feeling as less than the worst thing you ever faced?

Spare me the blame the victim act. Yes the person who blackmailed her is responsible for her death. Pushing a person off of the cliff phisically and pushing mentally are the same thing.

Comment Re:Everyone has pie in the sky sci-fi, who cares? (Score 1) 267

It's been some time since I've felt this emotional about something other than my significant other. I literally teared up during work. (Someone gave me a weird look).

As another post I do have mod points but I don't want to merely recognize the beauty in your text I want to thank you. Obviously I'm not an expert so I can't quickly fact-check what you said but it's the human/self/mind part of it that touched me.

We all see the usual "Anonymous quotes" out there but they're general and most spontaneously generated than true. Being able to see a real anonymous text to be written made my life.

Thank you. This has been saved, printed and shared.

Comment Re:Most important question (Score 1) 165

Will it have a flat top so I can put stuff on top of it?

That's what I wondered at first and obviously it's not flat.

I can't put my PS3 vertically as my cats tend to sort of like to bump into it (it's already cracked) so I lose one cabinet space only for it.

My Wii? There's the router, modem and even an IR received sitting on top of it, lol

Comment Re:First? (Score 1) 122

Android is awesome that you can block permissions on CyanogenMod on a very detailed level. (not sure about stock and AOSP since I moved away from Android).

On iOS I jailbreak and run Protect my Privacy. Not as good as the CM one as it simply alerts me whenever an app request location/UID/contacts/music and asks me what I want to do (it even has some weird cloud DB where it suggests you a policy). Works pretty well though.

I find it amazing that a lot of games and others stupid apps ask for my UID. One other cool thing is that you can check on their settings if an app has requested any of those.

I find it annoying that one my banks which does absolutely NOTHING on their mobile app other balance (not even statements!) tracks ALL OF THEM while my main bank app does not track nothing at all (and does all I need). Then they ask why I never manage my money with them and only use it to bounce my paycheck.

Comment Re:Does the OS really matter? (Score 1) 504

Yep- because we all remain sysadmins/programmer our whole carers.

I've had my share of COBOL, C, .NET and all shitty programming when I made the jump to planning, architecturing and engineering of software deployments. Guess what my main tool is: Yep, Word.

Do I still want to read about stuff in /. and maybe use something different at home? Fuck yeah. Do I need some AC who probably just found out about Linux last year in his last year in HS? Probably not.

I know, I know... ACs. Either you're a dumb kid afraid of putting out your real intentions or you're afraid to hit your karma- in both cases, you're more likely to be an expendable user of this site.

Comment Re:Only good experiences from real Apple stores (Score 1) 310

Always have copies of everything you sign. And by copy I mean: (1) have them print both forms (2) check they're exactly the same - yes, it takes time (3) have all copies signed by you AND THEM AS WELL.

Been there done that. Avoided ridiculous faked sign-off sheet on a repaired microwave. Not sure who got the short stick of the blame but I got my microwave back and not the piece of shit they're were trying to give me.

Comment Re:This is why I still buy paper books (Score 3, Insightful) 288

Now here is the interesting part: I buy all my books through the Big A but the first thing I do is copy to my computer, remove DRM and have it being backed up in a format I can read anytime I want.

Do I send this out? No. Do I lend these DRM-free? No. Do I copy this DRM-free to all my other devices? No- I really use their reader for all devices.

I just want to make sure that in the event that they go down, my books don't go with them.

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