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Comment Re:Mental health issue (Score 1) 593

"In America, you can get someone locked up as insane. He doesn't need a trial. It is a serious problem."

That is flat out wrong. From the part of the law you quoted:

"a mental health professional can decide to issue a temporary detention order"

Notice the word TEMPORARY. If you read further in the link you posted it says:

"H. The duration of temporary detention shall be sufficient to allow for completion of the examination required [...] but shall not exceed 48 hours prior to a hearing."

How is that a serious problem?

Comment Overstated consequences (Score 3, Insightful) 195

The article seems a little alarmist. For instance, this line: "The 2008 outages hit local economies hard and a stronger quake could plausibly bring Mediterranean economies to their knees, by denying them access to crucial global markets for days or weeks. A 2005 study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich calculated that a nationwide internet blackout would cost Switzerland 1% of its GDP per week." But of course a cut in the Mediterranean will not be a "nationwide internet blackout" for Switzerland much at all. In fact, if India and the mid-east gets cut off from the rest of the Internet, the rest of the world won't care all that much.
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Journal SPAM: A Message to You, Rudy 9

New Video: Educating Rudy Press Conference

Congressman Ron Paul and Dr. Michael Scheuer, former chief of the CIA's bin Laden unit, held a press conference yesterday at the National Press Club to educate Rudy Giuliani on American foreign policy in the Middle East. Dr. Paul gave Mr. Giuliani a reading assignment which is at the end of the 13-minute video clip.


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