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Comment Re:Call the BBB then return it. (Score 1) 476

First, I doubt they marketed it as a "Personal Computer" at any point. That is an assumption on our part, and laptop doesn't imply the same flexibility. In any case, calling is a PC or laptop still doesn't guarantee any inherit rights to it, at least from a legal stand point in the US. The store and manufacturer both would just say "sorry, return it for a refund.". Though you know Best Buy will tack on a restocking fee and say "You should have checked the compatibility first."

Now do I think this is fair? Of course not. I feel there should be legislation that requires manufactures to unlock devices that are fully owned by the customer, phone, PC, router, even DVRs.

Comment Re:Call the BBB then return it. (Score 1) 476

If anyone had any authority to force a manufacture to have an open system, then cell phones wouldn't be locked. PC makers have no obligation to leave their systems open. Unfortunately, since Linux is such a small market share they really don't have an incentive to do it either. I'm still surprised we even have a UEFI boot loader shim for the other PCs using secure boot.

Comment Re:Tell me... (Score 1) 166

You're making some bad assumptions here. You don't even need a power hungry GPS. Just a cellular radio or wifi radio on a microcontroller.... Hell an ESP8266 for $2 can do this easily. It just needs to wake, log any APs to an SD card, then shutdown. If it sees an open network, it could upload its contents to a server. Google has already mapped the world and knows where these APs are at. The same for cell towers. A typical 18650 lithium cell would be the largest part of the setup and run it for months if not a year.

Yes, you'll have trackers that never find an open network and don't report in, but at $2-$5 a pop, you could send hundreds or thousands of them out into the e-waste.

Comment Re:At&t doesn't even try to pretend it isnt ex (Score 2) 160

When I turned my Uverse equipment in, the guy at the UPS store and I had a good laugh about the huge surge of AT&T equipment getting turned in. I was content with my 12Mb/s internet. It wasn't the fastest, but it was fine. Now I have 50Mb/s cable with a $4/month VPN service and things have been running great for a few months now.

Its costing me less, and I'm getting better service. I should actually be thanking AT&T for making me get off my ass and finally switch.

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