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Comment ESP-12 and Orange Pi (Score 1) 83

At the base level, the HiFive 1 is a powerful microcontroller with a lot of Flash, with support for hundreds of Arduino libraries. That’s great, and alone this might be worth the $60 price of admission.

These "Open" projects will always have a hard time when they have a price tag of $60. Who's buying a microcontroller for that? I can buy a retarded number of ESP-12 chips for this, or even go with 8 much beefier Orange Pi Zeros.

Comment Re:Wait! (Score 1) 207

My thoughts exactly.... Plus, why would I have sound unmuted. That's just asking for a bunch of porn ads to start blasting out moans and that hot married women near me want to bone.

Yes, the technique has a degree of merit in that it may work, but it's another one of those solutions that will only catch the dumbest of the dumb.

Comment Re:The real reason for the digitalization (Score 1) 303

Not quite.... they want more channels so they can sell more ads. Sure, some paid sub channels may pop-up, but I would suspect they instead want more channels to play their back catalogs of content and generate more ad revenue.

If broadcast services wanted to force a paid only model, then ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox would have turned off their antennas ages ago. The radio networks (iHeartMedia) have the same business model and want that same ad money.

Comment Re:Why does no-one do a prerelease APK (Score 1) 44

Perhaps he was thinking of the opposite situation, where demand is high and their servers can't cope (like Pokemon Go) they can then arrange extra server capacity in advance.

Exactly. And I realized after the fact that the Play store does actually have a rerelease feature. Mario Run is already in there.

Comment Re:LibreElec (Score 4, Insightful) 28

LibreElec is the well supported fork that left OpenElec because the brand owner was an asshat.

You know, typical open source solution to the problem of the brand being owned by an idiot or being bought by Evil Corp.
Netscape -> Mozilla -> FireFox
MySQL -> MariaDB
OpenOffice -> LibreOffice
Cyanogenmod -> Lineage OS

I'm sure there are PLENTY others

Comment Why does no-one do a prerelease APK (Score 1) 44

I'm a bit surprised these companies that have the hype don't post a prerelease APK to the store that can just be updated to the actual game upon it's official launch. How hard would it be to have a shell of an app get preinstalled. This could get them the sale early and they could even send a push notification once it's been updated to the demo/full version. It could even include a mini-game or animation of the game being played.

At a minimum, it would help them gauge the demand upon launch.

Comment Re:WTF??? "... first championed by Spotify" (Score 1) 87

That's like saying VHS championed the video cassette tape, even though Betamax did all the hard work. How was Spotify anything other then the young energetic one that came in once the fight was lost and just took credit. Pandora was around for years championing that fight, proving their was a market/demand for the service. Spotify was just like "look at Pandora and company, this is what customers want. If you don't give it to them, they'll just pirate it. We know, because we've helped them do it."

It's like saying Brutus killed Cesar and the other 22 stabs wounds had nothing to do with his death.

Comment Re:not loyalty (Score 1) 191

Cyanogenmod is just getting a rebrand to Lineage OS. Even if that team completely exploded, whoever is the number two ROM would just get a huge influx of devs as it becomes the new number 1 choice.

Not to endorse piracy, but as for "the community will provide" look at how these sites progress
Look at Piratebay -> KAT -> ExtraTorrent

If there comes a time when ALL major manufactures lock their phones so tight we can't install custom roms, the "community" will surely just kickstart their own open design. Today's phones are so common in form/function that it wouldn't even be hard. A small team of subject matter experts could collaborate on a design then send it to china to be built. As long as Gapps is easy to install, it wouldn't take any effort to sell to the Android elitist community.

Honestly, I'm just surprised there isn't a good one out there already. The Nexus line has probably helped keep that at bay. We'll see how things go with the Pixel brand.

Comment Re: True, but only to a point (Score 2) 449

Sorry, but I find TV's to be quite affordable. Chances are, the kid already has access to one. Keyboards and mice are a dime a dozen. Yeah, a sporty gaming set will put you back, but Fry's has wireless mice for $6. It'll get the job done. Most people could scrounge free ones from a friend as well. The Pi's being just the board provide the opportunity for the device to only cost $29. It's a whopping $50 for the case and power as a kit. That's still a reasonable birthday present.

If the cost is still an issue, the Orange Pi One is an even cheaper option at $10. Though it's reliance on community support since the vendor has virtually no reliable images makes it a little less entry level. It makes a better second or third addition after you already have a real Raspberry Pi.

Comment Re: No. (Score 3, Insightful) 449

What this guy said.... The barrier to entry for nerdy children is much higher now then it was for me. The sole saving grace for them is the open source community and vast availability of examples and information. But even then, you still need multiple skillsets with graphic design, code, data, story/purpose. Microcontrollers and SBC like Arduino and Pi's making IOT devices is the best way to amaze now.

Comment Re:No basis in reality (Score 1) 212

1) OSMand
2) K9-Mail
3) Yes, K9-Mail supports IMAP-IDLE
4) The Youtube web site works in Firefox (in the background too, if you're into that)
5) F-Droid
6) Many apps are available with embedded ad libraries replaced by dummies.

Great reply, with this and the list from above I may have to give a Google-less experience a try. Though, to be fair, anything using replaced ad libraries is surely a copyright violation in the US so is a bit moot against the original point; Android without Google Play Services isn't really commercially viable.

The only real competition Google has ever had with respect to GPS was from Amazon who operates their own app store separate from Google.

Personally I will never use an Android phone with Google Play Services installed. For me it isn't a choice between a custom mod and Google it is a choice between no GPS or nothing at all.

Comment Re:No basis in reality (Score 1) 212

Without the Play Services, what do you actually use on the phone? Do you have a decent map application? What email app? Does it have push notifications? I assume you don't use YouTube or any other streaming services either. Is it really a "smart phone" without the apps.

Do you huntdown and manually install all your apps? How many work without adsense or other google services?

CyanogenMod was great, but without installing Gapps it seems a bit pointless to me. How many people honestly run a mobile device with no app store?

Comment Re:Goolge needs to ban carrier builds and let peop (Score 2) 212

The US is muddied with Sprint and Verizon's CDMA crap, but you can have universal US phones. The Nexus 6 is and example I still use. It works on any US carrier. You need a different model for good international support, but that's true for any radio device in the US vs the world. TV's just the same. It's a pain to near impossible to find a good cheap USB ASTC tuner for the US that supports Linux, but there seems to be swarms of DVB ones for the rest of the world. :(

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