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Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 178

I only intend to get one of these devices if they are rootable.

Ditto here. The reason I moved from the Galaxy Note to a Nexus 6 was because the newer Notes were locked up tight. If Google wants to pull a BS move and lock the phone and install garbage, so be it. I'll just do my research and find a Xiaomi model, or some other unlocked cheap brand that has the screen size I want and be done with it.

All I need is a big screen, enough RAM, and a fast CPU. Now that LTE is on all the cheaper devices, there are no killer "features" I need hardware wise (looking at you fingerprint readers and heart monitors). I still rock/love my Nexus 6. I'd buy a used one before anything else currently on the market, I haven't found a better screen and that's all I really care about.

Comment Re:No FTL then? (Score 1) 279

If they did visit, what would motivate them to make contact? I'm disgusted just going to Walmart, if I were an advanced alien race, I would take one look and assume I just found the interstellar equivalent of a trailer park. If you cracked the science of FTL travel, you probably also overcame the other resource problems that would make you want to trade or mine resources on such an infested planet.

Comment Re:I would invest (Score 1) 156

They will happen, people are lazy. Any lazy task people don't want to do, will always get automated as soon as technology can affordably perform the task. Video games have been driving cars for years, not well, but the proof of concept is there. Once it's reliable enough for it to show a decrease in collisions/deaths then it will naturally take hold. In 10 years it may be an option... in 20 it may become a mandated requirement as a "safety feature". And as for Uber leading the forefront... that just increases the likelihood they will get burnt. The lead of the pack carries all the expense of developing the tech, then a swarm of competitors come in and kill the profitability. Ride sharing/taxi service is a commodity type service. The customer doesn't really care what company gets them to their destination, just so long as they get there quick and cheap. Uber has nothing to provide a strong barrier to enter the market, and nothing to distinguish their service as unique. They're the Betamax, and some future copycat (amazon, GM, Ford, any car maker really, google) will be the VHS to swoop in and ruin it for them. The best Uber can hope for is, is to have a massive IPO right after they release automation, but before the competition sets in. They can sell the idea/lie that they own the market, and it's a pure profit engine.

Comment Re:I would invest (Score 1) 156

You're looking at a bad investment then. Once self driving cars are truly autonomous, then Uber is dead. There will be way to many competitors. Not to mention, some cities may end up subsidizing a version as a means to supplement their train and bus infrastructure. Yes, they're "doing great" in the sense of gaining market share, but that share is costing them and will quickly evaporate when the one thing that finally makes them profitable (autonomy) comes to fruition.

Submission + - Linux developer loses GPL suit against VMware (

An anonymous reader writes: Linux kernel developer Christoph Hellwig has lost his case against virtualisation company VMware, which he had sued in March 2015 for violation of version 2 of the GNU General Public Licence.

Comment Re:Why do they even try anymore (Score 1) 111

I'm not saying I don't agree. I'm just playing Devil's Advocate in the sense that it does have some measure of effect. Personally, the TV side of the industry is a bunch of morons. Post a torrent with the ads included. I think people are over dramatic about how much everyone hates ads. Look at the damage YouTube is doing to them (who pays for Red?). If I could subscribe to an RSS feed of legal TV show torrents that had included ads, I would totally jump on it. It would make everything so much easier. I get that they need to make money. I just get pissed when they want me to pay for the content AND watch the ads. Give us one, or the other.... or people will just keep skipping both. A combination of paid ad-free streaming, and ad-injected torrents would do some devastating damage to TV piracy. For the Movies... I really don't know what to tell Hollywood there. Non-action movies really don't gain much from the theater experience and you can't really put in ads for those. Offering cheap streaming "rentals" is about the best I can come up with, but it's still just too easy to pirate those. Does Music still have a real piracy problem? I imagine the majority of the masses just stream for free and pay for the few tracks they really like. Music is a perfect example of it being easier to just pay for the track than deal with piracy.

Comment Re:Why do they even try anymore (Score 3, Insightful) 111

Is it futile? Because they play wak-a-mole, anyone with flexget or other automated scripts are down until they adjust to an appropriate mirror or alt service. The casual pirates (the billions downloading Game of Thrones) now also have to hunt through the hordes of scam/virus-bot mirrors until the field stabilizes again and a site with a good rep surfaces.... Of course then the mole gets whacked again. It's about breaking the stability and ease. If piracy isn't worth the headache of researching sites and clearing infections, then you just may pay for legal services. It's like prostitution. You will never stop it. But, by arresting all the clean ones less people will do it. No one want the crack whore. I'm not saying KAT was clean... But she was a prettier option then many others.

Comment Re:Year of the... (Score 1) 535

Totally agree here. The only legitimate gripe for desktop Linux is that of the users with critical business apps and gamers. For the first: Maybe you should find another solution so your business isn't being run at the mercy of M$. For the gamers: Really? That's your argument that Linux isn't a viable desktop replacement? It does EVERYTHING except play a game. Best way to force their hand on that one is to move to Linux. Once their customer base moves, they'll support the platform. Developers will always follow the herd. That's the easier money.

Comment Re:I think this means Trump (Score 1) 1010

the only people who seem to care about this case are trump supporters. his poll numbers are down which is why i'm seeing the memes on my facebook feed from trump supporters

What??? No... Pretty much every veteran that's ever handled classified materials understands this case and wants to watch her burn. I don't care that she's a woman, or a Democrat... and there is also no way I'm voting for that other ass-clown. I just hope Gary Johnson can get some real visibility before Nov, because I really don't want to have to imagine this country under either of the other two.

Comment Re:NFS? (Score 1) 226

Easy, a Raspberry Pi running LibreELEC ( a minimalistic Kodi install). I don't have any Windows PC, so I don't run Samba and only have NFS shares on my network. Works great. Anything that supports Kodi will get the job done, so you could even get one of those cheap Android boxes that are like $20-$30 as well.

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