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Comment Re:I think this means Trump (Score 1) 1010

the only people who seem to care about this case are trump supporters. his poll numbers are down which is why i'm seeing the memes on my facebook feed from trump supporters

What??? No... Pretty much every veteran that's ever handled classified materials understands this case and wants to watch her burn. I don't care that she's a woman, or a Democrat... and there is also no way I'm voting for that other ass-clown. I just hope Gary Johnson can get some real visibility before Nov, because I really don't want to have to imagine this country under either of the other two.

Comment Re:NFS? (Score 1) 226

Easy, a Raspberry Pi running LibreELEC ( a minimalistic Kodi install). I don't have any Windows PC, so I don't run Samba and only have NFS shares on my network. Works great. Anything that supports Kodi will get the job done, so you could even get one of those cheap Android boxes that are like $20-$30 as well.

Comment Re:It's amazing she still has defenders (Score 1) 742

It's become less if a popularity contest and more of a lesser-of-two-evils contest, and Clinton is winning it.

I would say that. Clinton is far more evil than Trump. He's just completely incompetent. It's more like damned if you do, damned if you don't. It's the evil queen driving through the dark forest, or off-road 4-wheeling praying you don't roll and die. The queen will consume your soul, but you may survive..... the other guy is sure to kill you.

Comment Re: An easier sollution (Score 1) 1144

It happens all the time. The problem is though, is that it's not a MASS shooting if the wacko is taken out quickly. If no one, or just a few people get hurt, the news hardly reports it. As for the level or training... about 7% of the US population are military veterans. So if you have a group of even 15 people, then on average, one is trained Vet. Not to mention off duty law enforcement and other trained civilians. As mentioned, most active shooting happen in gun free areas. If Chris Mintz had a gun, he probably would have been able to stop the Oregon community college shooter and also not been shot himself 7 times for trying without one. We don't need gun control, we need crazy people control.

Comment Re:Lucky bastards! (Score 2) 116

So is gross negligence. I can easily believe these idiots only maintained a years worth of backups and that there was no process in place to verify data integrity over time. It's a very common problem with government systems. They backup corrupted data and eventually no longer have a good version to record from. This of course is when there actually is a backup to begin with. Often a productive underling will develop a system to make his job easier and it will grow into a poorly supported critical system. It's even worse in the DOD where the staff rotate every 3-5 years.

Submission + - When DNA Implicates the Innocent (

schwit1 writes: The criminal justice system’s reliance on DNA evidence, often treated as infallible, carries significant risks.

In December 2012 a homeless man named Lukis Anderson was charged with the murder of Raveesh Kumra, a Silicon Valley multimillionaire, based on DNA evidence. The charge carried a possible death sentence. But Anderson was not guilty. He had a rock-solid alibi: drunk and nearly comatose, Anderson had been hospitalized—and under constant medical supervision—the night of the murder in November. Later his legal team learned his DNA made its way to the crime scene by way of the paramedics who had arrived at Kumra's residence. They had treated Anderson earlier on the same day—inadvertently “planting” the evidence at the crime scene more than three hours later. The case, presented in February at the annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting in Las Vegas, provides one of the few definitive examples of a DNA transfer implicating an innocent person and illustrates a growing opinion that the criminal justice system's reliance on DNA evidence, often treated as infallible, actually carries significant risks.

Comment Re:Children are not buying these devices. (Score 3, Interesting) 67

It's not just Echos. We've cut the cord and my kids use Roku's to watch most of their TV. Services like Hulu track all that garbage, but are making absolutely no effort to determine the viewers age. Netflix at least has age categories you can assign to profiles, but I don't see any COPPA parental control panel for the young kids. Its only to limit the catalog to the less sexual/violent media. I'm sure their lawyers give them the "It's technically legal because it's just one account" thumbs up. But if Hulu is recommending to me to watch Daniel Tiger, then clearly my kids viewing data is being saved. Saying it's the parents choice, is like saying its the parents choice to let kids use the Internet. My 9 year old daughter doesn't have a choice, her homework from school requires her to go to certain websites. I'm not suggesting that COOPA is or isn't effective, or that further regulations are needed. I'm just pointing out that "parents choice" isn't a very valid argument.

Comment Re: How about (Score 2, Interesting) 369

I'm just calling it as I see it. She's a young women who went threw puberty all alone, trapped in a room. She wasn't taught social norms, or sexual boundaries. She would be hormone driven with no impulse control. To be fair, it's not her fault... Her dad did the exact opposite of what the trolls advised. On a side note: For the AC's replying about child molesting or school playgrounds... learn your characters. Elsa was 21 and Anna was 18.

Comment Re: How about (Score 0, Offtopic) 369

Prude... If anything she's a freak. She probably masturbated incessantly for years in that room. She didn't have a computer, TV, of games to keep her occupied. There wasn't even any books if I recall. It would have been her only form of entertainment. Then when she gets out, the first thing she does is slut up her outfit with that long slit up the leg. The giant ice monster probably had all those spikes because he was her snow version of some kind of multi-penis hentia sex slave. She probably has a back room in that castle full of giant ice dildos.

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