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Comment Re:So (Score 1) 373

I keep my Steam sandboxed to its own physical set of drives. Far away from my actual working OS and data.
If I want to play a game. I power down. Swap out the entire array and boot back up.

Had thought this was pretty much the standard way of operating when dealing with an untrustworthy blob that pulls down even less trustworthy payloads wrapped in piles and piles of 3rd party DRM and rootkits.

Given Linux lack of stereoscopic gaming support. A dualboot is required anyhow. The extra 10-15seconds to swap out a few drive caddies is a non issue.

Comment Re:Familiarity counts? (Score 1) 59

This is problem that will most likely take many by surprise.

Psychologically. There is a threshold point where immersion in an alternate reality for a particular ratio of time over the really real world causes the brain to switch over into believing the other reality is the real one. This crossover point is not totally predictable and varies person to person.
Those who play for several hours a day. Day after day. Or have a naturally weak grip on reality being particularly high risk.

I'd imagine after the first bunch of inevitable cases of people jumping off buildings believing they can fly or fighting off zombies at their local mall the media response could get quite interesting.
Am imagining some mash-up of 60's anti LSD propaganda with modern anti video game rhetoric.

Comment Re:Obvious choice I think (Score 1) 346

Not only ATM's.

Where I am even the robotills and vegetable weighing devices in the supermarkets are all running XP.

It's trivial to break out of the application and turn them all into dedicated solitaire terminals with the staff just looking on like scared rabbits which then pretend the machine no longer exist then trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

Comment Re:Latency (Score 1) 144

It's a very tight engineering challenge. But IMHO, its doable.

At 30/60fps your looking at a window of 40/30ms respectivey between frames.

I don't own a console but in what format flame wars I stumble upon. Many console games running at 30fps seems to be a common complaint.
So, assuming that many console gamers are used to such low fps gaming. Lets use 30fps for our math here.

That is 40ms between frames to receive the next one, get it decompressed and pushed to the fame buffer.
A cursory google for Gaiki press releases suggests an average bitrate of 5-6mbps. (
Which gives us a round likely top figure of 200kb/25kB per frame.

Now, I've never seen a 1080p or even 720p jpg get that small and still be visually pleasurable. So this suggests some sort of real time video compression similar to mpg and pals, where its only transmitting updates between keyframes.

I've little idea of of latencies outside of Europe... But within the EU, over fibre, a typical ~10ms ping between anywhere in the same country is fair.
So, you need to recieve 25kB inside of 10ms. Which is ~10% utilization of even a low end 60mbps fibre link. (Not allowing for protocol overheads, but still generous)
Then 30ms, to decode and push to the gpu. Normally in this sort of time a machine would be having to render everything. So a tiny bit of decoding, especially if its optimized to run on the GPU so the CPU just has the task of relaying bits from the network to the GPU is tiny, and leaves the only barriers to entry connectivity and bus/memory bandwidth.
With higher network latency. The obvious solution is to just have an additional 1 or 2 frames in transit at any one time. Brining latency between pad and screen to 80 or 120ms tops. Which could be bareable for many non-twitch based games. And if this sort of thing takes off. Then future games could be degined to work better with such temporal compression, in their HUD and gameplay elements or whatever.

Comment Re:Tempting? I Don't Have a TV... (Score 1) 271

TV is a thing that doesn't exist in my life, or the life of anybody I know either.
It's not even a case of people just not having a dedicated box, and watching online.
Nobody I know watches anything. Ever. Beyond the occasional film pulled via bittorrent.

I'm the exception in the lack of big screens in owning a 720p 3D projector for gaming on. Am quite happy with 720p, and likely wont have any interest in upgrading till we get a version of the HDMI spec for 60fps 3D at greater resolutions. /and/ my 3 year upgrade cycle putting GPU's in my box that support it. Only then will I even begin to watch and wait for a mature, low latency DLP to upgrade too. Till then. 720p will remain king. As 3D is my only reason to want a screen bigger than 20" for what would otherwise be a web browsing and pile of SSH session handing machine.

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