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Comment Chaos and Order (Score 1) 111

Firstly I'd like to thank you for the Illuminati game, which has shaped my view of the world. Also, thank you for publishing your edition of the Principia Discordia.

In your foreword to the Principia, you quote the passage that spoke to you, about Creativity holding in it a component of Chaos as well as one of Order; or, as I see it, in AD&D terms, Chaotic as well as Lawful Good; or, of Mutation as well as Selection as the pillars of Evolution. These kinds of dialectical dimensions can be readily seen to correspond to the I Ching and similar systems; also, the game of Illuminati itself has a developed system of alignments.

Now, the question shall be, can you give a hint for the next generation of game designers to follow, to design as enlightening games as possible, that encode wisdom while being fun?

Comment The purpose of having all these guns (Score 1) 1591

Isn't the purpose of having so much guns in the US that you can topple the goverment in case of tyranny? If that's the case, shouldn't you have all kinds of weapons, like land mines, machine guns, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, EMP ... Because if the revolution was today, the British sure would have all those kind of things.

Comment Motif and CDE (Score 1) 197

Motif and CDE have been released as free software.

Just put a cairo/compiz backend on that stuff, and wow. The Xt Intrinsics and Motif are well-designed software, hailing from 80's MIT culture, influenced by Lisp. All configurable by XResources, including keybindings.

install libmotif-dev
man VirtualBindings

This software is superior in design.

Comment Re:Imagination is dead (Score 1) 184

It's all in Oswald Spengler's Decline of The West. Towards the end, a civilization loses its creative powers and ends up repeating its old patterns. Only money and power mean anything in the end. Then the culture collapses and becomes spare parts and nourishment for new, more virile ones.

Then again, what new can there be, from a cosmic point of view. What is creativity, apart from the mind unfolding itself.

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