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Comment Too easy .. (Score 1) 225

Ask me a more difficult one, like

"Do you remember using an acoustic coupler?"

"Did you write the code for your final year project on an ASR33 teletype?"

"Do you remember having to write the bootloader for the paper tape to the core memory, using the front panel switches of the computer?"

"Remember when changing the font involved changing the golfball on the 2741 terminal?"

Comment Having is not the same as using powers (Score 1) 282

I mean, the Queen has the theoretical power to have peoples' heads cut off, but she doesn't go around doing it.

I have a number of NHS Trusts among my customers. One reason they need to have end-to-end encryption is to secure patient identifiable data in transactions. If a reporting radiologist is on call, working out of his home, how is that traffic going to be sent across the Interwebs without breaking the rules in the Care Record Guarantee about keeping patient data safe, and only available to those who have a genuine clinical need?

Let's hope they never use these powers.

Comment Like The New Statesman without the humour (Score 2) 238

We are seriously going to run out of simile soon. This is quite the most bizarre and unlikely position to be in, truth being stranger than fiction and all that.

She's put Bam-bam in as foreign secretary, and she's left a homeopathy supporter in charge of the NHS. However she HAS had the good sense to get rid of Michael Gove (snake in the grass has been returned to the green pastures of the Back Benches).

Where is Spitting Image when you need it?

Comment I have an HDMI equipped home cinema amp (Score 1) 507

... which really implies that what I am looking for is an HDMI equipped dumb monitor that does nothing more than that. No speakers, no volume control, no add-ons, no scaling, not even a second HDMI port or a DVI-T tuner or a smart card socket or USB or wifi or RJ-45 or ANYTHING apart from an on/off switch and a power cord.

Comment Disk is cheap enough to RAID and backup (Score 1) 229

My MacBook uses Time Machine to an external USB drive, but all of my important stuff is also backed up to a Cloud provider. That shares the data with my Linux machines; on the main one I have a boot drive which is backed up onto a USB drive, and a RAID 1 mirror containing my home directories. Home directories, the music, videos and pictures are all NFSed out to the house. I also back them up to an internal separate RAID 1 mirror.

My only trouble is that my drives are getting old now, and I tend to leave the main machine always on, which means that sometimes in the event of a power cut, one of the drives will fail to spin up again and I have to go rebuild the mirror before the other one lets go.

Comment Re:Bomb or missile (Score 4, Insightful) 410

Just checked the flight data. It had flown in from Cairo a few hours earlier, before making the return journey.

There was seemingly no distress call. The rate of descent was swift.

Some reports of a feiry explosion.

My prayers are with their families. So sorry for your loss.

Comment Re:Renoise is rad for composition (Score 2) 264

Agree. I have several Linux machines, one of which is dedicated to music production. I use (at the very least) Rosegarden, Renoise, Ardour, SooperLooper, Hydrogen, Rakkarack, a few soft synths, kmidimon, a real-time kernel and JACK. I have an M-Audio 24/96 card, and a Tascam US-122 for real world interfacing. I use an M-Audio short keyboard as a controller, a DX7s for a real keyboard feel, external reverb/echo, Kawai K4r, Roland D-110, Soundcraft mixer and a Sennheiser mike. I have a Yamaha FX-770 for a guitar interface and my whole workflow is controlled from Linux, sequenced by Linux and recorded in Linux. The only thing I would add is the use of an external MIDI clock with stop/start/resume and tempo; that, and I am currently experimenting with BLM controllers; I re-brained a Novation Launchpad and I now want MORE.

Comment In Boca Raton, with IBM (Score 1) 320

I had just started a two year assignment to the IBM Boca Raton laboratory from the UK. I had arrived in the US on a plane to Miami on January 22nd, and I was still in a hotel room, working for most of the day and getting out in the later afternoon to meet with realtors to find somewhere to live. In those days, IBM paid hotel and car expenses for four weeks, but after that you were on your own. I was in a meeting in Boca, when an old time IBMer called Ron Cope knocked the door, came in and announced the news very solemnly. Many of the IBM older guys had worked at IBM Federal Systems Division at the Cape before joining the Boca lab, so it was a very personal loss to them all. I was very sad - not least since there wouldn't be another shuttle launch for the whole of my time in Florida, before returning to the UK.

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