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Comment Re:Finland, Microsoft (Score 1) 161

They didn't ask for "budgetary discipline". They demanded policies that destroyed the country,impoverished the people,made the country a protectorate,gave boost to a nazi party,resulted in GDP to tank more than 25%,unemployment to be more than 25% and more than 50% for young people. Either they were misguided or they were and are malicious or they are fanatics. Either way,they did too much harm. I have zero sympathy for them. They should blame themselves for their problems,not Microsoft,Russia,Amazon or other countries.

Comment Re:Finland, Microsoft (Score 0, Flamebait) 161

The way they treated and continue to treat Greece and the European south in general is despicable.

What the heck is that supposed to mean?!

So the Greeks and others in the south of Europe collectively borrowed a huge amount of money to fund an unsustainable way of life built around not paying taxes, barely working, and retiring early.

Then when it comes time to repay those loans they find that they can't. After all, you typically have to do this little thing called work in order to generate the wealth necessary to repay loans.

And now the countries that initially loaned the money should just let Greece and the others off the hook?

That would be irresponsible!

I suppose you were hiding under a rock all these years? It's the only excuse for your ignorant comment about what's happening more than 6 years now here. We work and a lot harder and longer hours than the Germans for example. And for much less wage (for the people that still have jobs).With the stupid and criminal austerity policies (that Finland along with others insisted) the economy tanked,the unemployment soared ,the country destroyed. So,if they really wanted their money back, they could just designed a program that would generated growth and jobs. They didn't do that though,they did the opposite. Not to mention,as even the Handesblatt wrote a few weeks ago,the "bailouts" wasn't a rescue for Greece at all:It was a rescue for the incompetent German and French banks. It seems that the Euro (and austerity policies) are wrong even for Finland as it is obvious from it's economic performance lately. They can blame Microsoft,Russia,Amazon all they want. They should blame themselves and get down from their high horse. I will not shed a tear for them. They can rot for all i care for the destruction they caused to my country and to other countries in the crisis hit regions.


Submission + - Microsoft-Linspire agreement (

nikostheater writes: "Linspire and Microsoft signed and agreemend concerning Interoperability and the usual patent covenant,with the difference that the customer must want to puchase some windows technologies along with the patent SKU. It seems that Microsoft is hunting Distributions lately...GPL3 must be their nightmare.."

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