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Comment Re:Thanks for the concern (Score 1) 341

So Lamo put him in solitary? Lamo put the various suicide-prevention limitations in place? All this time I thought he was a security specialist, not the CO of the Marine Corps Brig in Quantico. I didn't know he was a Military Judge. And I didn't know he turned in Bradley specifically to put him in solitary.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 1435

Criminals like Adam Lamza will steal from lawful citizens, therefore if you make it illegal to own AR-15s and high capacity ammo clips and do a mandatory buyback criminals will no longer be able to find AR-15s with high capacity clips.

How exactly is this mandatory buyback going to work? Cause I think if I were a criminal with a AR15 magazine and they announced a mandatory buyback, as soon as I got done laughing, I'd start figuring how my illegally owned and wholly unregistered stack of AR15 mags were going to help me out.

Comment Re:Irony.. (Score 1) 1435

The irony is that the people you claim are protecting their families are using their guns to make death threats against others.

Cite your proof. Cite the proof that: (a) there were multiple people making multiple death threats and (b) those allegedly doing the threatening actually own guns. I don't own a single firearm. I am pretty staunch in my support for the 2nd Amendment.

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