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Comment They will, if Apple continues to be elitist. (Score 1) 268

I'm a C#, C++ & Java developer, and have seen both sides of the fence dividing Developerville for over 14 years.

This is why I think MS will get developer support:

1. Tools - they have well integrated tools, which are free to use.

Nothing out there can match the ease of building an app for desktop and mobile with Visual Studio. Google has done an impressive job with the Android development tools & tutorials, but Java based desktop apps are an entirely different story with FOSS alternatives like the do-it-all Eclipse framework which are not easy to get productive with.

Though I am peeved to see Windows Phone 8 development needs Windows 8 and SLAT processor support, which means I would need to replace my "old" laptop which runs Windows 7 & the Windows Phone emulator just fine, to do Windows Phone 8 development.

2. Consistent managed programming languages between desktop & mobile.

I quite like how MS has extended Silverlight's C# / XAML paradigm to both desktop & phone. C# is easy to learn and C++ is a first class language on Windows 8 desktop and phone. While C++ is difficult for novice developers, good C++ devs will continue to be in demand for efficient LOB apps, and I can see them migrating to this paradigm.

3. C# & XAML are easy to learn.

From a business perspective, platform integration implies skill reuse and reduced headcount. From a business perspective, cost is also important, and MS may have shot itself in the foot on the pricing of its Windows 8 tablets.

Will the desktop equation change if the "Mother Of All Walled Gardens", Apple, reduces Mac desktop prices?

Just my 0.02.

Comment The first step to a vaccine... (Score 1) 78 to share the data. This fear mongering around the virus research is very similar to the state of mind that existed around symmetric crypto before AES came along. Open sourcing this study material will bring the best minds around the world to work on mitigating a potential epidemic. We can only hope its not too late, humanity has already lost half a year's time as a result of the decision to withhold the results. In fact, this censorship may have done more harm than good by bringing even more media attention to this virus. Now every that terrorist in the world knows "bird flu == potential pandemic", please report any suspicious behavior of people kissing chickens or ferrets to your nearest police station. I can just see the next Team America sequel going - "You in the robes, put down those chickens of mass destruction!"

Comment The technology is there, use it. (Score 1) 300

I don't use pen and paper anymore because from experience I've either misplaced my notepad, or I have a drawer full of them and don't know which notepad has the information I need months after the conference. After going digital my notes are organized by name and date and easily retrieved by desktop search. So now, I use a Toshiba netbook with a 9-hour battery life . I also use a Samsung Galaxy Note, I find the s-pen and memo are ideal for noting down lets-grab-the meeting-room type brainstorming sessions. Whiteboard jottings are photographed and stored with my memo notes.

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