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Comment Re:Can I do this with Asterisk? (Score 1) 83

I don't think that'll be a problem, I live in Finland and we actually still have rights here as far as telecommunications goes. Nothing is filtered except for the website blocklist that the police forces ISPs to block childporn on a DNS level. I have yet to see anything get blocked through my 3G, I've downloaded lots of Linux LiveCDs through P2P networks through 3G.

Comment Can I do this with Asterisk? (Score 3, Interesting) 83

This is extremely off-topic, but this is a good place to ask this question. Could I host Asterisk on my VPS and then call other people through Asterisk with my Nokia phone that supports SIP (both through WiFi and 3G/3.5G). Basically, SIP-call to my friend's SIP-supporting phone who's connected to my Asterisk, from my SIP-supporting phone that's connected to the same Asterisk. Figure it would basically be free calling since we all have unlimited 3G plans.

Geostationary GPS Satellite Galaxy 15 Out of Control 379

Bruce Perens writes "The Galaxy 15 commercial satellite has not responded to commands since solar flares fried its CPU in April, and it won't turn off. Intelsat controllers moved all commercial payloads to other birds except for WAAS, a system that adds accuracy to GPS for landing aircraft and finding wayward geocaches. Since the satellite runs in 'bent pipe' mode, amplifying wide bands of RF that are beamed up to it, it is likely to interfere with other satellites as it crosses their orbital slots on its way to an earth-sun Lagrange point, the natural final destination of a geostationary satellite without maneuvering power." (More below.)

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