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Comment Re:my experience with dragonfly 3.0 (Score 2) 85

SSI would be when multiple connected computer running an instance of, say, dragonfly bsd, can act like a single (multi-user and multi-tasking) computer. Tasks will migrate to any processor core in the cluster (and ideally factor in the cost of migration over network).

Similar to what openmosix did for linux ages ago - and very different from the infamous beowulf cluster.

By the way - Hammer does not only do simple snapshots but it does them automatically in intervals. So if you use it with samba or nfs you get sort of an instant apple time-machine workalike - albeit with deduplication and all. Only disappointment for me was that trying it in a VM was not really going well - you need a spare PC for that.

Yeah, OSnews has mostly become a mobile website, but I still enjoy it more than Slashdot nowadays.

Comment Re:my experience with dragonfly 3.0 (Score 2) 85

while many features of ZFS (and Hammer) are included in btrfs too, Hammer (specifically Hammer 2) has design goals that go way beyond those of ZFS (I believe it is going to be a fully fledged cluster FS). So there is something to wait for.

And I am still hoping that theiy will pursue their single-system-image design goal eventually.

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